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Family giveaways

Posted: April 14, 2023 | Dave Vignali 1 min read

Cope Family Center helps parents manage stressful situations and challenging life events so they can give their children a brighter future. See how family giveaways play a role. 

Nurturing healthy families 

Cope Family Center provides education, resources and support to more than 800 families per year, reaching more than 1,600 children. The organization also offers emergency aid and crisis intervention and long-term support, like home visiting and parenting classes, where parents can learn skills and strategies for handling a range of parenting situations. 

Branded gifts for online learning 

Parenting class participants receive learning materials for the program’s curriculum and parent giveaways to make online learning easier. A notebook and branded pen are perfect for taking important notes. 

A blue pen with a logo.

Wolverine Pen

Portable power banks provide a helpful charge for parents using their phones to attend class. A smiley phone holder makes viewing presentation slides a cinch. 

A blue power bank with a logo.

Energize Jr. Portable Power Bank

A blue smiley guy phone holder with a logo.

Smiley Guy Cell Phone Holder

The center also sends helpful family giveaways, like beach balls and coloring books, to keep children occupied while parents learn. 

A red, white and blue inflatable beach ball with a logo.

Patriotic Beach Ball

A coloring book and colored pencil set with logos.

Kid’s Coloring Book To-Go Set

Helping caretakers take care 

This Swag Master provides useful and fun family giveaways that make learning a family affair.