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A new way to network with clients and staff

Posted: April 14, 2023 | Dave Vignali 1 min read

A blue power bank with a logo.

We ordered these sleek power banks to include in a fun fall-themed swag pack we are creating. We hope our referral sources will find good use in them. The small size of this power bank makes it easy to just throw in your night bag to keep your electronics charged up while on the go!


A green USB drive with a logo.

We use the USB to put our volunteer applications for our organization to make it easier to get our files to prospective volunteers at trade shows instead of using paper.


A blue charging cable with a logo.

We’re including these in an end-of-year swag pack for clients, vendors, and our team.


Headphones with logos.

Today we’re shouting a big THANK YOU to the folks at 4imprint for donating 175 pairs of earbuds to the PTO!

Earbuds break easily, and kids aren’t always gentle. This donation will allow our staff to quickly and easily replace earbuds as needed, and to provide them for those that may not have them. Thank you, 4imprint!


A white power bank with a logo.

Presentations on campus for financial literacy are always better with giveaways! Students are excited to get extra supplies and items they can use every day.


A white USB drive with a logo.

Our organization organizes a number of workshops and meetings for our member agencies. Often there is a fair amount of paperwork that is provided to participants. Our plan is to use these memory sticks to provide meeting materials to participants rather than pages of printed material!


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