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One in a Mil became a Swag Master by using promotional pens to share their brand at their book signing.

Swag Master

What makes a Swag Master? Check it out...

Feb 04, 2019 | Erika Ferguson

The promotional pens used at One in a Mil’s (OIAM) book launch elevated their #SwaggingRights status to Swag Master. Here’s how:

Color coordination

The color selected for the pens was on-point with the book and the OIAM brand.

Practical use

Authors of Culture Driven Recruiting! were able to autograph copies of the book and give the promotional pen to event attendees as an added piece of swag.

Perfect setting

The pen fit in perfectly with the chic atmosphere of the book launch. It was a subtle way to keep the focus on the book while also promoting the brand.

Budget friendly

Ordering the Javelin Pen was a great option for a promotional item that would achieve OIAM’s goals without breaking the bank.

The Javelin Pen is a great promotional pen.Promotional pens make great giveaways for book signings, seminars or networking events!

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