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Different social media posts of promotional pens.

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These branded writing utensils are something to write home about

Posted: October 13, 2020 3 min read

Social post showing a number of yellow and pink promo pens.

New pens for Spring! Stop by and get yours today! #SwaggingRights #4imprint


Social post showing a promo pen and matching painted fingernails.

Always trying to show off my amazing nails. #SwaggingRights


Social post of a promotional pen on a notepad.

As a mobile notary, my business depends on having something to write with. My customers LOVE being able to keep the pen when they are done. And with all that’s gone on this year, I love being able to combine safety with advertising. Thank you so much 4imprint!


Social posting showing a promo pen on top of a thank-you note.

This is the second time I’ve ordered the Jive pen. I really like the sturdy frame, and smooth ink.


Social post of a box filled with promotional pens.

#SwaggingRights These pens are helping to spread the word of our awesome YouTube channel!


Social post of a promotional pen being used.

So super excited about my new pens! They’re so pretty and I got an awesome price, too. #SwaggingRights


A social post of promotional pens.

Beautiful pen! Good grip, for those who write a lot and worry about hurting their hand.


A social post of a dog walker, her promo pens and a dog.

Since the start of the Pandemic, I was constantly worrying out loud to my family about the pending financial impact on our family’s dog walking and pet care business. In the thick of the New Jersey State lockdown, our business was down almost 90 percent. I went from walking 50-60 dogs a week to less than 10. All our summer vacation clients cancelled en masse, leaving us to refund thousands of dollars in deposits. Things were bad.

On Mother’s Day, I woke up to a display of gifts on the kitchen table from my husband and daughters. One was a huge box from 4imprint. Inside I found hundreds of beautiful pens with our business logo embossed on them. “We know how worried you are about the business,” my husband explained. “We wanted to help.” I was so touched, I admittedly shed a tear or two.

That day I started delivering Mother’s Day gifts (bundles of logo pens wrapped in curly ribbon) to all my pet moms (ie, clients). I popped the gifts in mailboxes and screen doors to keep it safe and contactless. My hope was the gift pens will keep us in our client’s minds as they navigate the affect of the lockdowns on their own lives and families. Throughout the day I received text messages of love and appreciation. My clients were glad to see I was ok and my business wasn’t going anywhere.

Today our business is about 50 percent down (which is an improvement from 90 percent for sure!). And most of my pre-lockdown clients assured me they will come back online as soon as they are allowed back to work.


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