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Collage of water bottles filled with items and wine bag

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Swag Master

Making connections with unique giveaways for seniors

Posted: October 11, 2022 | Dave Vignali 2 min read

MEternally helps loved ones make deeper connections with people who have dementia. See how giveaways for seniors, such as Alpine Bottles with Arch Lids and One-Bottle Bags, bring people together. 

Clear branded water bottle with arch lid

Alpine Bottles with Arch Lid

Black branded one-bottle bag

One-Bottle Bags

Beads, buttons and busy hands

MEternally helps people with dementia enjoy a more fulfilling life with “Busy Bottles.” These are Alpine bottles filled with sensory items, such as buttons and beads. The activities spark conversations and encourage reminiscing, making this one of the best senior giveaways. 

Encouraging diversity 

Seeing treasured photos and beloved items provides comfort, but MEternally doesn’t stop there. Because it serves a population that includes immigrants from Mexico, MEternally creates bilingual Busy Bottles with small items representing Mexican traditions, topped with red, green and clear lids to represent the Mexican flag. 

Turning Busy Bottles into kits, with a creative twist 

Logoed One-Bottle Bags are typically used to hold wine bottles, but MEternally goes a different route. Not only can a Busy Bottle fit inside, but also the bags can hold activity cards with a marker and eraser, keeping kits organized while promoting the MEternally brand. 

A unique take 

This Swag Master provides seniors with dementia giveaways that offer independence, comfort and connection.