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| Updated: February 03, 2021

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Promotional ideas to make your next gathering share-worthy

Posted: July 18, 2018 | Updated: February 03, 2021 | Suzanne Worwood

People love to share their experiences—so much so that 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram® every day. How can you get in on this trend? For your next event, create fun opportunities that are easily shareable. Paired with exciting event gifts, these opportunities will turn your gathering into one that’s shared and liked on social media.

To turn your event into an online collage of #hashtags and #selfies, try these ideas:

  • Put up signs with suggested hashtags to encourage people to share.
  • Use decorations and event giveaways that make fun photo opportunities.
  • Hire a photographer to take and post creative photos people can tag themselves in.
  • Offer prizes (even if it’s just bragging rights) for likes, shares, selfies and hashtag usage.

Try these picture-perfect event gifts to encourage people to participate.


Foam makes a big impression

Foam items are large, colorful and look great in pictures! The Foam #1 Hand has long been a sporting events staple, but the foam fun doesn’t have to stop there.

Fans can cheer on their favorite cougar, bear or lion with the Five Claw Foam Waver.

Encourage them to sound their battle cry and cheer on the home team with the Foam Sword Waver. Foam Reindeer Antlers will amp up the fun at any holiday gathering. And for the concert-goer who wants to show support for their favorite band, the Foam Microphone Waver will have everyone singing along.

Foam #1 HandFive Claw Foam WaverFoam Reindeer Antlers
Foam Microphone WaverFoam Sword Waver

Classic paper masks and hats

Kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy dressing up with these event giveaways.

Greet guests with a warm “Howdy!” and this Paper Cowboy Hat that is sure to get the party or picnic started. Meanwhile, celebrate your workplace heroes with the Superhero Mask, Bat Mask and Mask Glasses, so they can keep their identities secret. These creative masks will ensure your name isn’t a secret from anyone!

Give your advertising efforts extra face time!

Paper Cowboy HatMask Glasses Superhero MaskBat Mask


Glow-in-the-dark fun lights up night events

Sharing doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. These glow-in-the-dark event gifts will bring a memorable glow to the evening.

Go simple with the Glow Bracelet. One bend and it lights up the night! The multicolor Flashing LED Bracelet lets them be in control—it can stay lit or flash at two different speeds, all at the touch of a button.

Glow BraceletFlashing LED Bracelet

Bring magic to your event with the classic Glow Wand; just give it a snap and a shake. The Light-Up Foam Cheer Stick uses LEDs and replaceable batteries so it’s still going strong, long after your event.

Light up your brand with these fun promotional items!

Glow WandLight-Up Foam Cheer Stick

Shareable hashtags help fill your social media timelines

Every photo can become a shareable opportunity simply by adding a #hashtag to your event giveaways and banners.

Set up the Value Outdoor Banner to look like a red carpet ceremony backdrop, imprint a hashtag on it, and it becomes a photo opportunity for everyone who walks by.Value Outdoor Banner

Pass out a Mini Foldable Selfie Stick imprinted with a special company hashtag, and every picture the recipient takes will remind them that it’s #shareable.

Mini Foldable Selfie Stick

The FrameWorx Banner Stand lets two people turn their faces and some silly cartoon bodies into a shareable moment. It has easily swapped replacement graphics for when you want your #shareable #selfie #subjects to become astronauts or pirates.

If your event is more serious, the FrameWorx Banner Stand provides a #shareable moment with your full-color imprint. Its design can be easily swapped with a replacement graphic to be used again and again.

FrameWorx Banner StandAstronaut graphic that can fit in banner standPirate graphic that can fit in banner stand

Add colorful images to these banner stands for shareable photo opportunities!

FrameWorx Banner StandVintage restaurant graphic that can fit in banner stand

Share-worthy Stadium Cups

Beverage cups are appreciated at any gathering, from parties to sporting events to company picnics. That makes them the perfect event giveaway. Ask your guests to “share” a beverage with the smooth Stadium Cup or fluted Stadium Cup.

Smooth Stadium CupFluted Stadium Cups

Event gifts make fun shareable moments
From concerts to baseball games to company gatherings, event gifts help turn great times into shareable moments. Hand out some event giveaways and remind everyone to pull out their phones and take a #selfie!