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Posted: February 13, 2023 3 min read

one by one®: True Beauty Discovery

Being bombarded by messages about beauty in the media is a challenge for most girls as they grow up. Advertisements, music videos, TV and films can project unrealistic perceptions about beauty standards, which can impact girls’ self-esteem and cause lasting harmful effects.

Holly Fulger, executive director and founder of True Beauty Discovery, wants to change that. Fulger, an actress, writer and producer, has personally experienced what these distorted beauty standards can do. Though she appeared in successful Hollywood projects, including television shows and films, a destructive fixation on her looks led to an eating disorder.

The birth of her daughter, Sasha, inspired Fulger to make sure her experiences would not happen to other girls and young women. In 2018, she founded True Beauty Discovery with the mission to empower, mentor and equip girls and young women to understand that their individuality makes them powerful, capable and beautiful.

“I’ve been an actor for a long time. I understand the power of the media. But I also know how it can be disempowering,” Fulger said. “We want girls to know that who they are is what makes them beautiful and powerful. We want them to step into their power as individuals.”

Woman holding up a notebook with a logo.

How custom branded notebooks give girls a space for reflection

True Beauty Discovery is a national organization that offers no-cost workshops in many states for at-risk and underserved girls and young women. During the workshops, participants take quizzes to discover which of the seven “Legends” they are— Activist, Dreamer, Enthusiast, Luminary, Trailblazer, Sleuth or Warrior. Each Legend provides a framework for girls to understand and use their strengths to empower themselves in daily life.

Fulger says that the Legends framework is based on extensive research, including well-known personality tests like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Enneagram system.

“Lots of organizations focus on empowerment and helping out young people and young girls,” Fulger said. “The Legends are our special thing. We researched them a lot and had a lot of focus groups. I’m really proud of them, and they can be such a tool for empowerment,” she said.

Participants receive a custom branded notebook, provided by a 4imprint one by one ® grant, to take notes and continue learning and reflecting after the workshop is over.

Fulger hopes to add more services in the future, including modules for participants to continue learning on their own, partnering with other nonprofits to bring the workshops to more states, and developing a docuseries.

“Every single girl can benefit from this,” Fulger said. “We’re excited about developing a docuseries because it’s so important to have representation for individuals who don’t see themselves in the media.”

A note from Cheryl

It is wonderful to see True Beauty Discovery encouraging girls to recognize their own strengths. 4imprint is pleased to play a small role in the organization’s mission to empower young women and see their individual beauty by providing custom branded notebooks. To learn more about a 4imprint one by one ® grant, visit onebyone.4imprint.com.



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