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| Updated: May 10, 2022 3 min read

Coming up with engaging workplace wellness ideas is sometimes easier said than done. Still, many employers recognize the importance of wellness at work, with almost half of all U.S. companies offering some type of health promotion or wellness program.

And 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness programs feel engaged and cared for by their employers. If you have remote or field employees, you may be wondering how to keep them engaged in a wellness program. Read on for ideas.


Form small accountability groups

When people are held accountable, it can help motivate them to reach their wellness goals. Whether they’re trying to lose a few pounds, eat a healthy lunch five times a week, or go for daily walks, an accountability partner goes a long way. Video chat makes this easy to implement with remote and field employees.


Create a healthy cookbook

Workplace wellness ideas need to promote more than just physical activity—healthy eating is an important aspect too. Having a stockpile of recipes on hand can make good nutrition easier. Ask each employee to send in at least one recipe. It doesn’t have to be a meal either—healthy snacks work great as well. Compile the recipes in a PDF for everyone to view. Then send a silicone oven mitt to everyone who contributed as a thank-you for their contribution.


Implement Wellness Wednesdays

Or Mindful Mondays! Whichever day you choose, pick one day a week for employees to intentionally focus on healthy living. Nearly half of employees say they need help learning how to better manage stress. Offer relaxation tips and hand out kettle bell stress relievers to remind them to de-stress when work gets crazy. And remind people to take breaks from their computer to stretch out tired muscles. Provide exercise stretch bands for added encouragement.


Offer fitness subscriptions

Sometimes finances can get in the way of fitness. Give employees a little help by offering them an online fitness subscription. Programs like Fitness Blender™ and Popsugar™ are awesome wellness giveaways.


Host monthly challenges

Have some fun with creative monthly wellness challenges. First, survey your employees to find out what kind of challenge they would like: Building upper arm strength and taking outdoor hikes are some options. Reward everyone who participates with a chance to win a wellness prize, like a fitness towel or a pullover.


Help employees stay engaged and healthy

With a few engaging workplace wellness ideas and fun fitness giveaways, your remote and on-site employees will be excited to participate in your programs. They’ll form stronger team bonds and appreciate the thought you put into helping them live a healthier lifestyle.