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| Updated: November 18, 2021 3 min read

After crafting the perfect job listing, reading hundreds of resumes, performing multiple interviews and sending a job offer to your ideal candidate, hearing the words “Thanks but no thanks,” can be hard. But even a rejection can be a win. Each one is a learning opportunity and a chance to create a positive impression of your company with promotional business gifts.


Discover the reason

When a candidate turns down your offer, consider it a chance to listen, learn and make changes to your hiring process. Get in touch with the candidate and:

  • Let them know you appreciate their timely response.
  • Ask them the reason for rejecting your job offer.
  • Wish them luck in their future endeavors.

This response helps you get important information about how to improve your process. It also leaves a favorable impression of your company, should the candidate—or one of their colleagues—decide to pursue a position with you at a later date. Follow up with a thank-you giveaway to show appreciation for their time and to keep your organization top-of-mind for future opportunities. A microphone blocker  or a Stainless Steel Straw Set can be easily mailed to show your thanks.


Ways to fix common problems

While a single candidate passing on a position sometimes just happens, if your organization receives multiple rejections, it may be time to look for patterns. Some of the most common reasons for a rejection include:

Low salary and benefits

Money is the most important job factor for 49% of employees. Be up-front about salary and benefits to avoid getting too far down the process with someone who is going to pass based on the salary you are able to offer. If you find multiple candidates passing, it may be time to check sites like Glassdoor® for salary rates in your area.

Slow or disorganized hiring process

Candidates who have to wait weeks or months to hear back from your organization or who have undergone a confusing interview process with multiple staff members may have the wrong idea about what it’s like to work for your company. Proper training of your hiring manager along with a promotional business gift like a planner notebook can get everyone on the same page before each interview. Be sure every candidate is provided with an accurate timeline of the process. Follow up post-interview with a thank-you giveaway like a chocolate business card imprinted with important contact details.

Company reputation

With candidates able to access reviews of your company on multiple web sites, it’s possible some may pass because of something they read. If there’s a consistent issue, find ways to address it. Bring management together for a brainstorming session. Offer items like Smart Putty and pads with flags to help get their creative juices flowing. Proactively let candidates know you’re aware of any outstanding issues and that you’re working on a solution.


A stepping stone to yes

Listening and learning builds better organizations. By taking the time to find out why people pass on positions, and using promotional business gifts to leave a lasting positive impression, you can perfectly position yourself to catch your next candidate. Best of luck!