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| Updated: January 13, 2021 4 min read

If you want to attract top talent to your team, giving candidates the best interview experience is key. After all, the most in-demand prospects have plenty of options, so you’ll want to set yourself apart right from the start.

There’s more at stake than simply losing top candidates. According to Workable®, 42% of applicants who have a poor interview experience will not apply for a position at that company again. Furthermore, 22% will tell others not to apply there and 9% will go as far as boycotting that company’s products. And consider that unhappy candidates might also write a negative review of their experience on increasingly popular networking sites like Glassdoor®.

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to perfecting your interview process from start to finish. Read on for tips on how to make it a great experience for everyone involved.


Start before they arrive

Make it easy for candidates to have a stress-free experience by sending them as many details as possible ahead of time. Send a calendar invite that includes information like where to park, how to get into your building, how long the interview will be, what the format will be and your office dress code.

If you’re trying to woo a superstar candidate, consider sending recruiting swag like a customized premium notebook or a spiral-bound notebook. Chances are, it’s an item they’ll appreciate. According to 4imprint’s 2019 Recruiting Trends survey, HR pros named journals and notebooks the number two most popular recruitment promotional item.


Roll out the welcome mat

Little things can make a big difference when creating a welcoming interview experience. Make sure someone is available to greet candidates upon arrival. The greeter should engage in small talk and offer the candidate something to drink. Why not go the extra mile and offer them a beverage in a branded water bottle? Drinkware can be another one of the go-to recruitment promotional items for HR pros.


Nail the interview

Candidates aren’t the only ones who should worry about nailing the interview—you’re being evaluated, too. Do your homework and research the candidate in advance, so you can ask tailored questions. That will help you learn more about the candidates, and show them you value their time.

Remember to give candidates time to ask questions. Make it easy for them to jot down answers by offering them a high-quality metal pen and a journal.


Keep them in the loop

If you’ve decided someone isn’t the right fit for a particular position, don’t leave them hanging. Be transparent with timelines, so candidates know when they can expect to hear whether they landed the job.

Conversely, if you’ve found the perfect candidate but know they’re weighing multiple options, make sure your company stays top of mind by sending them a branded messenger bag. Even if they go a different way, they’ll think of you whenever they use it. And it just might help them consider you next time.


A worthwhile investment

Perfecting the candidate experience can take a lot of planning, but the payoff is landing top talent. Try these tips and send interviewees home with recruiting swag to keep your company at the top of their list.