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When you discover that 66% of global executives view upskilling as a top 10 priority, your first question might be: “What is upskilling?” Put in simple terms, upskilling is providing training to current employees so that they’ll be prepared for the job requirements of the future.

Upskilling your staff comes with many benefits, including:

  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved employee morale
  • Decreased hiring costs (you don’t need to find new employees to have the skills you want)
  • Increased competitive edge by eliminating skill gaps

If you’re planning to make upskilling a priority, we have ideas and training giveaways to help you get started.


Make a plan

The first step is to determine what skills your staff will need. Before you start the upskilling process, research your industry’s future. Look for skill gaps that need filling immediately as well as tools that will help your company stay competitive for years to come.


Job shadowing and mentoring

Once you know what you need your staff to learn, determine how best to approach training. It could be one-on-one or in groups, done internally or through external educational resources. Upskilling can take many forms depending on your staff and organizational needs.

Pairing staff members with other employees who are experts in their field can help keep company knowledge and industry expertise in house. Plus, the mentor gets to practice their leadership skills while the other employee picks up new knowledge. It is a win-win for them and your business.


Online or virtual learning

Virtual or online courses can open learning possibilities by allowing staff to take classes at their own pace during work time or downtime. You can make it easier for them to focus on their learning with training giveaways like wireless headphones.


Lunch and learn sessions

Lunch and learn sessions can be a great way to get staff to participate when they have limited time to devote to training. It also ensures your entire team gets a consistent message.

You can bring lunch into the office and have it sent to remote workers. Give everyone a lunch container set for participating. You can also give everyone a notebook and pen to take notes they can refer to later.


Microlearning sessions

If 30- to 60-minute classes or meetings are too much for your staff’s packed workdays, consider microlearning. Five- or 10-minute trainings followed by short exercises or quizzes that demonstrate their understanding are perfect for busy workers.

Encourage people to stay on track by offering a wireless charger when they pass a certain number of sessions. Or turn it into a contest where the first three people to finish 10 sessions win a high-end prize like a duffle bag.


Get staff ready for the future

What is upskilling? It’s the opportunity for your company to plan for future skill and technology shifts. Finding ways to train and reskill employees means you get to hold onto great staff members while staying ahead of the competition.