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Every time a supporter makes a monetary donation, you’re able to do more to help your community—but asking for money isn’t always easy. We’ve put together a variety of simple ways to ask for donations online and direct supporters to your donations page.


1. Make your donation page accessible

Whether your website visitors are watching a testimonial video, reading a blog post, or looking at pictures of your accomplishments, potential supporters need to be able to reach your donations page the moment they feel moved to do so.

Make your Donations button impossible to miss, no matter which page they’re on when you:

  • Add a donations link to your header and your footer.
  • Put the link in an easy-to-spot location, like the upper-left or right-hand corner—or the center of the top of the page.
  • Make the link a standout color or an impossible-to-miss button.


2. Ask for online donations in a text message

It’s easy to allow e-mail or snail mail to pile up, to be looked through later. But people open nearly 100% of their text messages—90% of which are opened within 30 minutes of receipt.

If you have a time-sensitive funding need—for example, disaster relief or an annual fundraiser—a quick text with a link to your donations page can grab almost immediate attention.


3. Direct people to your donation page in blog posts

Whether you include an embedded form at the end of every blog post or a call-to-action that sends supporters to your donations page, a simple request can help people navigate from your monthly update or success story to an opportunity to support your cause in seconds.


4. Ask for funds on social media

There’s a good chance you’ve posted links to your donations page on social media. But have you asked on your social media bios? Make it simple for people scrolling through your page to find a donations link by adding it to your Twitter®, Instagram® and TikTok® bios and your Facebook® About Me page.


5. Use QR codes to generate more donations

Quick response codes, more commonly known as QR codes, easily take people to a page on your website with the click of a smartphone button. Add these easy-to-use codes to a variety of places to easily generate donations. Imprint on:

  • Nonprofit promotional giveaways, like a mug or beanie
  • Placemats at a local eatery or fundraising dinner
  • Postcards that keep donors up to date on your organization
  • Can holders or other giveaways for fundraising events. We share ways to bring people to your donations page and ask for donations online.
  • Table throws you use at local community events.


6. Add to your email signatures

Every day, your staff sends emails to the outside world, whether it’s following up on a query, sending directions to a fundraiser, sharing a newsletter or distributing a news release. Include a link to your online donations page in your staff’s email signatures to make it easy for recipients to hop over to your donations page or easily share with a friend or family member.


Just one quick click away

There are so many ways to ask for donations online, whether you’re printing a link on a nonprofit promotional giveaway or making sure that every email that leaves your office makes supporting your organization easy. Simply take a minute, get creative and get that funding.