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Large or small, donations help you fulfill your mission. People love to be part of a cause bigger than themselves—and many supporters are going online to make their donations. Online giving grew 12% since last year, while revenue grew 19%. If you’re driving donors to your website through social media and email marketing, you want visitors to click that “Donate Now” button and give. We offer ideas to help you garner more donations by optimizing your donation page with best practices.


Craft an engaging headline

The headline is one of the first things potential donors see when they land on your donation page. A headline that resonates with donors can help you solicit more donations. A few tips for writing compelling headlines include:

  • Highlighting the outcome of your work
  • Being clear about what you can achieve (“Every $25 donated buys a pair of shoes for a child in need.”)
  • Talking about what you’ve already accomplished (“Five thousand new trees were planted, thanks to you.”)


Incorporate stories

People remember stories more easily than statistics. In one study where listeners were presented with one story and three stats, 63% recalled the story while only 5% recalled any one statistic. Stories also connect with potential donors on an emotional level. Include a specific story that showcases how donations have changed lives.

For a somewhat different angle, offer people the chance to donate in memory of a loved one who has passed away. Donation dedications help connect donors’ stories to your cause. Feature donation dedications on your page to honor those who meant a lot to your donors. For your largest contributors, send donor appreciation gifts, like a soft-cover journal or some fresh cut flowers in a glass vase.


Keep it clear and simple

From your forms to your words, the simpler your page, the more effective it will be. Ask for only the most essential info, like donors’ names and emails, on your donation form. Then review your donation page while asking yourself, “Is there anything on here a potential donor does not need in order to donate?” Also include simple calls-to-action (CTAs). Here are a few donation page best practices for CTAs:

  • Make the text actionable (such as “Give Now”)
  • Include a CTA at the top, middle and bottom of the page
  • Make your CTA visible by using a button instead of a text link

Thank donors and stay top of mind by sending them a useful gift. A multitool with pliers, screwdrivers and more can come in handy. Or your donors will think of you when they drink their morning brew in a branded ceramic coffee mug.


Offer recurring donation options

Providing recurring donation options can help online monthly giving grow by 40%. Recurring donations also help you build lasting, loyal supporters. Display a few suggested monthly amounts to help donors decide how much to give.

Recognize loyal donors by sending them a donor appreciation gift, like a Sherpa-Backed Heathered Blanket after they donate monthly for six months or a year. A 9-Can Lunch Cooler Tote is also a meaningful way to say thank you. Every time donors look at it, they’ll be reminded of your nonprofit.


Boost online donations

By incorporating donation page best practices, you’ll soon be bringing in more donations. And that’ll make it easier to fulfill your mission.