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| Updated: January 17, 2022

With more than 80 percent of consumers relying on recommendations to help with purchasing decisions, customer testimonials are a powerful tool to grow your business. And with video content likely to be shared 40 times more often than other types of content, it makes good business sense to use video testimonials to attract new customers.

Whether you hire a professional production company or make your own videos with a smartphone or computer webcam and a free online service, using promotional products for small business can make the process—including asking customers for testimonials—a whole lot easier. Here’s how:

Don’t be afraid to ask

There are many online tools that make it easy to review a business, but most of us don’t think to do this unless we’ve had a poor experience. Make a practice of asking customers to share their experiences online or with friends. This way, they may be more receptive when you take that request to the next level by asking them to convert their online review into a video testimonial. An in-person ask will also get you seven to eight times more testimonials than an email request. Regardless of their response, thank your customers for considering a video testimonial by giving them an Aztec Flare Mug.

Make it clear and easy

Even though these customers have already reviewed your business, giving a compelling testimonial in front of a camera can be scary for some…ok, most of us. So set clear expectations up front: Let your customers know how much time it will take, who will be involved, and that retakes are common. Don’t script the video testimonial, but ask the customer to consider a few questions that expand on their original review, such as why they chose your business and what results they’ve seen. Confirm the scheduled time for the video shoot with a business card chocolate thank you.

Sweeten the ask

If you don’t get as many testimonials as you’d like by directly asking customers to convert their review to a video testimonial, consider one of these referral incentive ideas: Provide customers who record a testimonial with their choice of promotional products for small business, like a World Of Thanks Umbrella or a Hanes® Tagless T-Shirt. Or hold a periodic drawing for all participants, with chances to win a Weekend Explorer Grill And Cooler, and/or a wheeled carry-on for going that extra mile on your behalf.


Once you get those video testimonials in the can, be sure to display them prominently on your website and social media, and encourage your customers and employees to ‘share’ or ‘like’ to spread the word even further. Once your customers and prospects see the videos, you’re bound to get more customers—old and new—coming back for more!