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| Updated: February 04, 2021

Using video as a content marketing tool is more popular than ever. Thanks to smartphones and other digital devices, videos are available anywhere, any time. Plus, video is more likely to engage customers, stir emotions and build a sense of trust. In fact, more than half (PDF) of customers said that viewing a company’s video gave them more confidence to make a purchase.

More companies are turning to video. Of the more than 60 percent of businesses using video in their content marketing, 66 percent were not making videos a year ago. Whether you’re well versed in video content marketing or just getting started, we have eight ways to add video to your marketing strategy, using customer appreciation gifts as a helpful tool.

8 video content marketing ideas

Product highlights

Four times as many customers prefer watching a video to reading about a product. Product videos should show all the product’s features and highlight its benefits. This works well with new and best-selling products. Seeing the details in video brings the product to life.

Behind the scenes

Draw back the curtain by showing how products are made. If that’s not an option, record a tour of your office. These insider videos bring a personal touch to your content, helping build trust.

Add to landing pages

Featuring video on a website landing page can increase the conversion rate of that page by 80 percent! Make sure the video shows the benefits of signing up for email, or completing a registration form. Be sure to end the video with a strong call to action.

Thank you videos

Show your appreciation to customers with a video thanking them for their business. Upload the video to a USB drive and pair it with a coffee mug, for a special client appreciation gift.

Customer service

Answer frequently asked questions or common concerns with a video. Informing customers with a video will not only engage them, but could save time and resources for the customer service team.

Training videos

If your products or services come with instructions, put them in video form. Customers will appreciate the detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. Be sure to ask several customers to give the videos a test run. Thank them for participating in the research with a phone stand.

Case studies

Highlight customer testimonials with real-life case studies. When it comes to effectiveness, customer testimonials rank the highest in content marketing. Combine the power of videos and testimonials for a marketing home run. Don’t forget to thank customers who share their stories with a customer appreciation gift, such as a tote bag or water bottle.

Educational content

Create videos with information related to your industry. If your organization is in the real estate industry, for example, create a video on how to prepare a home for sale or things to look for when touring a home. This will engage current customers and position you as an expert in your industry to prospects and new contacts.


It’s time to press play on video content marketing. Using video and customer appreciation gifts in your marketing strategy can engage customers and prospects, increase conversions and build trust. Start recording now!