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| Updated: June 02, 2021 3 min read

It’s clear—company transparency is a critical marketing tactic. One recent study showed an impressive 94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand that commits to full transparency. By talking openly to your customers, your company will be seen as trustworthy and dependable. And don’t forget to use promotional business giveaways to underline your message.


What is transparency?

What do consumers mean when they say they want transparency? According to a study by Sprout Social®, the top three signifiers of transparency come from:

  • 59% openness
  • 53% clarity
  • 49% honesty

In other words, transparency is all about sharing what your brand stands for and what it does—for better and for worse. If you’re uncertain how to start the process, here are a few ideas.


Find out what your customers want to know

Things your customers might want to know about your company include:

  • Prices and how you determine them
  • Product development processes
  • Company history
  • Employee relations practices
  • Employee salaries

To begin the process, survey your audience to find out what they want to know. Collect questions via an online poll or social media survey and encourage people to answer by offering a business promotional item. A clear pen or sportpack is a fitting thank you.


Share your triumphs—and your struggles

When you have a great sales month, let people know. But also make customers aware of struggles, including when your company makes an error that needs to be corrected. This can actually help your company, as 89% of consumers state that companies can regain their trust by being transparent and explaining what steps they will take to correct a problem. Encourage a culture of transparency. If an employee or a customer brings an important issue to your attention, thank them with some Bluetooth® ear buds or a hoodie.


Humanize your social media

Social media is a great way to connect. It’s also a place where customers can go to find answers to their questions. Publicly share answers to customer questions on your social pages to create a more transparent, authentic brand and build trust. If you’re building your online community, find ways to boost awareness of your social presence. A promotional business giveaway, like a bookmark that lists your social media channels, will do the trick. Be sure to include a note about your company being an open book!


Transparently truthful

Being transparent with your customers shows you can be trusted. These tips and promotional business giveaways will not only let you connect with customers, they will turn them into loyal fans.