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| Updated: June 02, 2021

School fundraisers can be a win for everyone involved. Not only do they benefit schools, they teach students valuable lessons in basic business, marketing and finance—as well as the importance of both community and teamwork. And if you offer useful fundraising products, parents, teachers and other supporters benefit, too. In addition to getting an item they’ll enjoy, they feel good about supporting a worthwhile cause.

If you’re looking for the best promotional products for school fundraisers, keep reading as we explore several ideas to make your next campaign a success.

Promotional product ideas

When researching products, choose something that is unique, useful and desirable to potential supporters—while still being priced to sell (for a profit)! These items do all that and more:

Tote bags

Eighty-seven percent of consumers keep promotional tote bags because they are useful. Totes also generate more impressions (5,700) than any other promotional item, making them the perfect promo product to raise funds and show your school spirit. For your next sports fundraiser, choose one of these sportpacks, available in soccer, baseball, basketball, football, golf and tennis. Or opt for the “colourable” activity tote to boost support for your school’s art program.

Tasty treats

Food is a popular fundraising item, but competing with already established candy, cookie and popcorn campaigns can be challenging. Consider something different, like a S’mores tin or candy jar. The containers will be used long after the treats have been enjoyed.


School spirit and academic achievement go hand in hand. Help your students, parents and staff show love for their school with logoed apparel. Sell T-shirts (#C122360), hoodies (#C118817) and other clothing in the school store, at pep rallies and during extracurricular events. Send students home with an order form for easy sales to parents and other supporters. Hold school-spirit days throughout the year so students and teachers can show off their school apparel.


Silicone bracelets, first designed to support cancer awareness, are a favourite promotional item for fundraisers of all kinds. This standard wristband is the perfect item to raise support for almost any school cause. The slap USB bracelet is a great PTA promotional item to sell at school assemblies or other events.


Decals can be a great year-round fundraiser. Parents can tote the school’s name—and their support for it—all over town with a removable vinyl bumper sticker. For something geared more toward students, choose this pennant magnet that’s perfect for lockers or their mirror. Or sell school-logoed PopSockets®  a popular smartphone accessory for any audience.


We hope this list of promotional products for school fundraisers is useful, whether you’re looking for school-logoed apparel, tasty treats or a PTA promotional item. Try one or more of these items for your next fundraising event. Best of luck!