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| Updated: September 21, 2020 3 min read

Remote work is becoming the new norm. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 5 million American employees work from home half the time or more. As this number grows, this convenient, modern way of working comes with a few challenges. According to one study, half of remote employees feel disconnected from in-office employees. And 19% cite loneliness as the biggest challenge of working from home. Keep your team connected, no matter where they work, with these remote team-building activities and employee giveaway ideas.

Remote team-building activities


  • Coffee breaks: Schedule 15 minutes every day or a couple of times a week for a team meeting—with a treat! Provide staff members with a logoed mug and a standing video chat invite so everyone can connect. Use this time for catching up or pose a question of the day to get the conversation started.
  • Game nights: Bring back the weekly game night. There are many platforms that allow you to host virtual team games. Play traditional board games and cards with PlayingCards®. Test your trivia skills with Quizup®. Or try Jackbox, which offers entire game packs that include drawing, personality tests and word games. The winner gets bragging rights or a tech prize like charging cables or ear buds.
  • Book clubs: Did you know workplace book clubs can increase emotional intelligence, improve communication and boost employee performance? They’re also a great way to foster connections. Start by choosing a platform (if your workplace already utilizes a chat or meeting tool, this may be a good start). To select your first read, ask for suggestions from interested members, hold a vote or decide to take turns choosing a title. Then plan your virtual discussion dates. Give each book club member a logoed bookmark as thanks for their participation or hold occasional prize drawings for a premium item like a cozy blanket—perfect for curling up with their next good read. 
  • Personality assessments: Giving employees a chance to get to know each other through personality assessments like Myers-Briggs® or CliftonStrengths® can help improve communication and team bonding. After employees complete an assessment, ask them to share their results in a staff meeting via video chat. Doing so will give everyone a deeper understanding of what each individual brings to the team.

We hope these remote team-building activities help bring your staff closer together—no matter where they are. Add to the fun by supplying one or more of these employee giveaway ideas and let the team building begin!


Top takeaways:

  • Remote work is becoming the new norm, with more than 5 million Americans working from home at least half of the time.
  • Half of remote workers feel disconnected from their team and 19% say loneliness is the biggest challenge of working from home.
  • Workplace book clubs can increase emotional intelligence, improve communication and boost employee performance.
  • Personality assessments help improve communication and team bonding.
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