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| Updated: October 18, 2021

When they are fewer risks in the workplace, there are big benefits to both employees and employers. And employees are the key to creating a safe workplace. A high level of participation is essential in a successful workplace safety program. Consider enhancing your safety program while motivating your team with these workplace safety recognition ideas and safety giveaways.

Recognize efforts to find and fix problems

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employees need to be encouraged to openly communicate risks to their managers. Keep in mind, helping employees identify and report unsafe environments requires ongoing training. Encourage them to find ways to reduce hazards and identify new safety processes. A scavenger hunt to look for potential issues or ways to safely streamline efficiency on the production line can double as a team-building activity.

Encourage regular team feedback

Employees are experts at their jobs, so they are the best people to identify what works and what needs improvement on a day-to-day basis. Employee surveys and regular conversations about safe working habits help employees feel that their opinions and ideas matter. Show thanks to those who provide feedback with safety giveaways like reflective bracelets . Custom T-shirts are another workplace safety recognition idea that’s sure to create unity and pride among your team.

Celebrate safety milestones

Encourage positive change by celebrating key safety milestones and recognizing employees for their efforts. Recognition comes in all forms. Post on your company’s social media pages when you reach a specific number of days without an injury. Or send a gift certificate and personal thank you note to employees who go above and beyond to make the workplace safer. Bragging rights can also encourage some friendly competition between departments or teams, and safety swag, like a custom award they can display, is a great motivator.

Make it fun!

In a study by Talent LMS®, almost 80 percent of respondents said they would be more productive if learning or job functions were game-like. Consider playing a game, like Safety Bingo paired with these Bingo Dobbers, to bring some fun to your next safety meeting.


A safe workplace is a happy workplace. To have a successful safety program, employees must be involved. Employers need to find new, entertaining ways to keep employees thinking about safety. We hope these workplace safety recognition ideas, and some safety giveaways help inspire new ways to recognize and reward employees for their efforts.