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| Updated: January 13, 2021

Despite your best efforts, it’s nearly impossible to make every customer experience positive. As a government service provider, your business is people, and that means negative interactions are bound to occur at some point. Even when good experiences far outweigh the bad, it can be hard to shake off that one poor experience. There’s a scientific reason for this— the brain releases cortisol, which causes that experience to replay over and over in the mind.

The good news is that your own follow-up can counteract that chemical reaction and help the employee be ready to serve the next customer with a smile. Responding immediately to the situation is an appropriate way to fix the situation, and treating your employees well while improving the ways you engage with them will boost their morale, increase their job satisfaction and, ultimately, customer satisfaction, as well. Couple that with employee appreciation giveaways, and your team will be ready for any and all customer interactions!

Responding immediately to the situation can help. Training employees so they can better handle future situations will give them the tools they need to do their job well. Couple that with employee appreciation giveaways to boost morale, increase job satisfaction and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

Recognition ideas for employees

Recognition is an easy and cost-effective way to boost employee morale and engagement. In fact, according to the GovLoop article above, 93 percent of government employees say they would like to see better internal engagement at their workplace. After a rough customer experience, it’s important to listen to employees and remind them of their positive traits. Small gifts can help them feel valued:

When you need to go above and beyond

Even the best employees sometimes make mistakes that can lead to unhappy customers. Encourage your employees to make things right. A genuine apology goes a long way. Plant the seeds of a new beginning with a handwritten note on a seeded paper note card. Allow your employees to gift these at their discretion as an immediate apology.

Increased recognition with employee appreciation giveaways will help your team rebound from any rough customer experience. It is a proven way to boost employee morale, encourage exceptional service and reduce the potential for future negative experiences. Now, that’s a winning combination!