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When you’ve got a great new product, you want everyone to know about it. And a trade show is the perfect place to tell them. If you’re looking for ways to get your latest idea off the ground, we have product launch ideas to help you.


Pick the proper place


With so many trade shows to choose from, finding the right one to show off your new product can be a challenge. When selecting a trade show, consider:


  • Audience: Are the right people for this product going to be at the show?
  • Type: Is the event product-focused, as opposed to networking- or education-focused?
  • Competition: Will any competitors also launch a product at the show? If so, will that help you draw a bigger crowd or will it pull the audience away?

Build your booth


Your trade show booth can grab attention and pull customers toward your new product. A table throw and runner that feature your product can catch the attention of passers-by. A dressed up booth also makes a great presentation area for product demonstrations. Retractable banners make it easy to share important information, like pricing and benefits. If customers will be able to interact with your product, put the instructions on a tabletop banner.


Tease your big announcement


As the trade show nears, make sure customers know where to find you. Use social media or an email blast to share information about the event, your booth and the new product. Put a special banner or page on your website, and be sure to send customers a scratch-off postcard with a special surprise discount they can use at the show.


Offer opportunities to interact


Seeing is believing. When customers come to your booth, let them try the product for themselves or have them watch a demonstration or video to see it in action.


Send them away with a memorable branded giveaway to remind them of what they saw. Useful items like a multi-device charger or unique items like car-shaped mints are sure to please.


Create a successful launch


Help your great new project get discovered at the next trade show with these product launch ideas. Include branded giveaways, and they’ll walk away remembering you and your new solution for a long time to come.

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