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| Updated: July 13, 2022

Americans took a whopping 459 million business trips in 2015. On average, 78 percent of people travel more than 400 miles for each trade show event. Business travel is necessary but can sometimes be stressful. Make sure they travel in comfort with this list of must-have technology.

Top tech for travel

Safeguard your seat with travel apps

Travel experts recommend choosing an airline seat as soon as possible (and checking back frequently to ensure it hasn’t changed). If a good seat isn’t immediately available, don’t fret. Seat alert apps, such as the TripIt® Seat Tracker or ExpertFlyer®, will alert travelers (for a fee) if a desirable seat becomes available. If all else fails, seat-swapping apps like SeaterooSM allow travelers to pay to switch seats.

Pack right with a checkpoint friendly backpack

Avoiding checked baggage can save anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Keep their travel gear organized, easily accessible and carry-on approved with a checkpoint friendly backpack. The dedicated compartments for a smartphone, tablet or e-reader, power bank and laptop ensure everything is available and within reach. Plus, it is TSA approved! If checking a bag is non-negotiable, travel with a digital luggage scale. Knowing what a bag weighs ahead of time will save time and money at check in.

Keep technology running with a power bank

Nothing puts a wrinkle in business travel plans like an extended layover or bump—especially if their smartphone battery is dangerously close to powering down. A power bank ensures they can charge devices anytime, anywhere. Some models with dual ports can simultaneously charge a phone and tablet.

Achieve inner peace with noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones  are a must for business travel. Paired with a movie, music or white noise app, they’ll forget all about the cramped, noisy accommodations in coach. Plus, the padded ear cup ensures ultimate comfort.

Waterproof devices: Make sure they’re always in touch, even if they’re unwinding by the pool after the show. A waterproof phone or tablet pouch will help them keep devices close. Not only does it keep items safe from water, the clear wrap allows them to use the touch screen without removing the device from the pouch.

Make the next trade show travel trip an easy one. Provide sales people with these top tech for travel items to ensure smooth sailing. Or, hand them out at the show as prizes or giveaways. Staff and booth visitors alike are sure to appreciate these business travel must-haves.