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| Updated: January 13, 2021 3 min read

The average person will spend a full day (8.3 hours, to be exact) perusing exhibits at a trade show. And 81% of attendees have some sort of buying power. That’s a lot of opportunities to connect and build relationships with decision-makers and purchasing influencers. Yet, with so many exhibitors competing for the attention of attendees, how can you have a memorable effect? These tips and unique trade show giveaway ideas can help draw more attendees to your booth and leave a lasting impression.


Ideas that will attract a crowd


Offer all the comforts of home

Invite people in by providing a comfortable environment. Cozy seating, a soft area rug, device chargers and refreshments will encourage attendees to stop in, have a seat, unwind—and hopefully chat. Show videos about your company, its products and/or services on interactive touchscreens or tablets. Include a link where visitors can input their contact info to subscribe to your content. Reward those who sign up with a combination USB hub/fidget spinner.


Promote a product launch

The majority (92%) of trade show attendees are there to see and learn about new products and services, making this the perfect time to show them what you’ve got. Promote your launch before the show on your website, via email and on social media. Draw in passersby by allowing them to interact with your new product—either directly or with the help of virtual reality. Give everyone who demos your new product their very own pair of VR glasses.


Get your game on

Everyone loves a good game. Whether you choose something tried and true—like a spin-to-win wheel—or a less conventional option, like a video game challenge, games are an effective way to pull (and keep) people in. Send an email blast the week before the show inviting people to stop by your booth to play. Drum up excitement by promoting game prizes. Think of trendy items, like a mini drone or Qi® wireless charger. And promote your game that day by giving out swag at registration. Choose a unique trade show giveaway that goes with your game theme, such as an LED pixel sword imprinted with a message to have fun at your booth.


Let the nose know

Appeal to their sense of smell with freshly made pizza or cookies. Simply bring in a counter-top pizza maker or toaster oven and let the irresistible aroma guide them right to your booth. A tasty snack is a great way to encourage attendees to stop and chat. Offer a pizza cutter or silicone spoon in exchange for contact information or an e-newsletter sign-up.


Turn onlookers into visitors

Don’t let another lead slip away. With these valuable tips and unique trade show giveaway ideas, attendees won’t be able to pass you by.