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| Updated: January 14, 2021 3 min read

As a trade show exhibitor, you have just three to seven seconds to grab someone’s interest as they walk past your booth. That’s where trade show booth games  come into play.


Exhibitors have 3 to 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention at a trade show.


A fun promotional game offers the opportunity to catch (and hold) someone’s attention while educating them about your business.

With these winning ideas, you can build brand awareness, make customer connections and more. It’s game on!


Games of chance

A game of chance can turn a quick interaction into a customer contact, while adding an element of joy.

When someone approaches your table, offer them a game in exchange for their contact info. Quick ways to collect info include:

  • Taking one of their business cards.
  • Having them write down their information on a signup sheet.
  • Entering their information into a database via a laptop or tablet.
  • Scanning their trade show badge.

Once you have their information, give them a chance to win a prize with your information on it. A Prize Pinball game or a Prize Wheel make for a quick and easy game. If you have limited table space, a Mini Prize Wheel offers the same amount of fun in a smaller package.


Use games to draw a crowd

While a game of chance helps bring people in, interactive games can draw a crowd and allow you to engage people in longer conversations.

For example, challenge booth visitors to a Giant Tumble Tower Game or an Oversized Checkers Set match. Not only do these games give trade show participants a brain break, they also provide the opportunity to find out what your visitors may need—and how your products or services can meet those needs.

You can also put out games as a way to draw attention to your booth. Make use of the crowd by letting two players go head-to-head with a Lightweight Bean Bag Game or Oversize Wooden Yard Dice Game.


Games of skill

A bigger prize can create a bigger draw, and a game of skill can draw different types of participants than a game of chance.

Invite visitors to show-off their skills for a prize that’s worth their efforts. They’ll go big or go home with this 10’ Event Tent Interactive Game Wall. Offer tiered prizes based on the number of points scored.

You can try other skill-based trade show booth games  that let them turn points into prizes like a Prize Toss or a Basketball Hoop Game.


Games they can take home

Promotional products are Canadians’ favourite form of advertising (PDF) (above newspaper, magazine, radio and television).


Promotional products are Canadians’ favourite form of advertising.


Even if customers aren’t interested in playing games at a trade show, they’ll almost certainly enjoy taking an entertaining one home with them.

They’ll remember you every time they play with a Rubik’s Cube®. It is an entertaining way to keep your brand sitting on a customer’s desk as they spend hours, days, weeks or months trying to solve it. (Fun fact: It took the cube’s inventor a month to figure out how to beat it!)


Handing out an unusual giveaway helps people remember you.


And giving away an unusual promotional game,  like a Mini Memory Game, is another way to keep your brand top of mind.


Game on!

If you want to talk to people at a trade show, start by getting them to your booth! These trade show booth games  will encourage people to stop, play and talk!