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| Updated: February 12, 2024

The swapping of business cards is customary at most expos, trade shows and business meetings. However, according to one study, within the first week, recipients toss 88 percent of business cards they receive. Those that aren’t tossed often end up at the bottom of purses, briefcases or drawers.

Whether discarded because they are simply unneeded or because they’ve been added to a digital contact list, it’s clear that your standard business card isn’t built to last. If you’re looking to hand out something with some shelf life, you may want to consider other options. For some fresh alternatives to business cards, keep reading.

Business card alternatives should be


Give customers a reason to hang on to your card with options that provide contact info and then some. Consider a business card alternative such as the card-shaped USB drive. Slim mints or credit card bottle openers are other handy alternatives to business cards.

Aligned with your business

Cards that closely tie to your business or its purpose can make a lasting impression. A Mashable® article showcases several unique business card alternatives—for instance, LEGO® staff uses minifigures, stamped with contact details, as alternatives to business cards. And survival and wilderness education company BC Adventure etches their guides’ details on a piece of beef jerky.


Options that are unique in nature may have a longer lifespan. For instance, the ringing card, when opened, rings like a telephone. Or augmented reality cards that, according to augmented reality solutions company Augment, display your product line and allow for engaging interaction with the touch or a button.


Choose a card option that’s likely to make an impression on an employee’s desk or at their home. A combo smartphone wallet and phone stand is one option. Another display-worthy idea is the thermo-strip magnet card  that reveals the current room temperature.

Out-of-the-box business card alternatives abound! Whichever you choose, make sure it is useful, unique and display-worthy and that it aligns with your business. The cool factor doesn’t hurt either!