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Retail e-commerce sales reached approximately $4.9 trillion worldwide in 2021 and are  forecasted to reach about $7.4 trillion by 2025.

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Stepping into the international market can be beneficial for nearly any type of business. Expanding your business internationally can diversify markets, balance seasonal fluctuations, uncover new sources of revenue, grow brand recognition and widen your talent pool. Consider these international marketing ideas to help grow your brand’s global footprint.

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Idea #1: Learn the culture of your target location

Understanding the culture of your target location is important for helping you reach your audience. Start by learning relevant local symbols or color associations, which could be influenced by flag colors, political parties, or mythological and religious beliefs. Select a meaningful design for a bookmark or decal to send as a marketing giveaway when a customer places an order. Knowing the culture can also help you avoid unintentional and unfortunate social gaffes.


Idea #2: Build a global-friendly website

A user-friendly website gives your business a professional, global presence. To appeal to an international audience, keep these tips in mind.

  • Hire a translator: Providing website content in multiple languages helps expand your reach. In a pinch, translation apps can be helpful for international audiences, but they can also produce translations that come across as mechanical or inaccurate. Professional translators can help deliver your intended message to your international audience.
  • Use images and videos: Images and videos are a powerful way to engage with your audience.
  • In fact, 88% of video marketers say that video has been an effective lead-generation tool

  • Select appealing imagery that is relevant and relatable to your audience.


Idea #3: Collaborate with a local influencer

Partnering with a local influencer is a strategic way to connect with your target audience and build your brand.

As you enter a new market, gaining the support of an influential personality can build credibility and foster a sense of authenticity. Increase brand recognition even further by providing your influencer with a T-shirt or zip pullover imprinted with your logo to wear while promoting your product.


Idea #4: Partner with an existing local business

Another international marketing tip is to team up with an established local business. This can help get your foot in the door of your new target market. Introduce your product and increase brand recognition via a company that already has an established client base and trusted reputation.

Do you sell shampoo? Reach out to a popular local salon and send samples. Selling insulated bags? See if a successful pizza restaurant would like to use your bags for deliveries.

Let your partner company know how much you appreciate their support while keeping your brand top of mind with a marketing giveaway, like a Wine Stopper and Opener Set.


Idea #5: Sponsor local events

Get your product in front of a large group by sponsoring an event. Research popular local events and determine which one your target audience is most likely to attend. Options might include a charity race, outdoor concert, trade show or livestream. The opportunity to introduce your products to a wide audience can help you gain valuable brand awareness in a new market.


Savor your international launch

Using these international marketing ideas can help expand your brand into international markets. You’re on your way to growing globally.

Key Takeaways

  • Study the area’s culture to avoid causing unintentional offense.
  • Develop a relevant, multinational website.
  • Gain recognition with a trustworthy influencer.
  • Partner with a successful local business.
  • Sponsor events to get your product in front of a larger audience.