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| Updated: March 23, 2021

If you’re not using influencer marketing already, it might be time to consider adding it to your marketing toolkit. Multiple studies show that influencer marketing works. A Marketing Charts survey revealed that 22 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds made a big purchase after seeing an influencer endorse the item online. A study by Linquia shows that 92 percent of marketers who use influencers feel they reached their audiences (PDF). And a B2B case study performed by Nielsen Catalina Solutions for TapInfluence® discovered that after 12 months, influencer content created 11 times higher return on investment than an average display ad. If you’re ready to give influencer marketing a try, we’ve put together a list of best practices and influencer giveaways that can help you make the most of your influencer-marketing plan.


Best practices

 As you move forward with influencer marketing, consider using these best practices:

Bigger isn’t always better

While a major influencer with millions of followers might get your name seen by more people, micro-influencers—those with 10,000 to 250,000 followers—are more budget-friendly. Plus, you’ll want to partner with someone who works directly in your company’s niche, and that’s likely to be a micro-influencer. A service like Hypr® can help you locate your ideal brand match.

Build a long-term relationship

Creating a long-term relationship with an influencer will also help create a long-term relationship with their followers.

Measure your ROI

Whether it’s impressions, conversions or something else, be sure to track that you’re getting what you need from influencer marketing.


Let the influencer do their thing: The influencer will know what works best, so collaborate in a way that’ll show off your brand.


Have promotional fun

 As you and your influencer determine how to best reach your audience, consider some of these popular post ideas:


If you’ve got great products, unboxing videos can be a fun way to show them off, either by sponsoring influencer content or sending boxes to multiple influencers as a gift. Include promotional gifts—like stickers or PopSockets®—for them to keep or give away to help spread your message.

Giveaways and competitions

Create a fun contest that offers a major prize or experience to anyone who shares the post or posts a hashtag. You can offer influencer giveaways, like a wireless car charger or a jacket for men or women, to runners-up.

Sponsored post

Sponsoring a blog review of your product will help your audience find it via search engines. Plus, it gives readers a feel for what you’re selling.


To boost brand awareness, send an influencer on an amazing vacation and have them talk about the trip while showing off a branded product. Send promotional gifts, like high-end backpacks, to get your brand a few extra views.


Get seen

Influencer marketing and influencer giveaways can boost visibility with an audience that’s already interested in your products or services. With collaboration and fun posts, you’ll be sure to find people who “like” what you do.