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| Updated: March 17, 2021

Personalized learning tailors education to each student’s likes and goals. Students work on their own or in groups (or both) on projects that pique their interests and align with their educational goals. This method of learning provides greater flexibility, giving students a voice and keeping them engaged. Schools that use personalized learning often perform better, too.

Here are four ways you can implement personalized learning in your classroom (and some student giveaway ideas to support your efforts).


Choice boards

When creating an assignment, offer students multiple ways to complete the tasks. A choice board consists of a topic or learning standard and four squares, each listing an activity a student can do to demonstrate understanding of the concept. Teachers can come up with the activities or students can create their own. Ask students to submit ideas and then conduct a poll to determine the most popular options. Encourage participation with a student giveaway like a scented pencil or Mood Bracelet.


Virtual field trips

Taking students back in time, into the future or anywhere in between is now easier than ever. Virtual field trips allow students to choose destinations unique to their goals and interests. Common Sense Education® published a list of their favorite virtual field trip apps and websites. Enhance students experiences by providing them with a virtual reality headset. And have each individual or group present their encounter to the rest of the class.


Student blogs

After reading a book, performing a science experiment or learning about a period in history, have students blog about what they learned. This allows them to demonstrate understanding in a way that’s meaningful to them. They can publish their work online with a tool like Kidblog®. Or, they can share their work on a writer’s wall at school. Encourage readers to engage and “post” comments with sticky notes.


Rotation stations

Each station contains a different activity to reinforce a concept, giving students the autonomy to choose the media that fits them best. Select a variety of learning tools like flashcards, worksheets, videos, apps or games. Allow students to freely move through the stations. Or, have each student come up with their own learning station where they can teach a concept to others. Add friendly competition by having students vote on their favourite station and award prize ribbons.


Personalized learning not only gives students a choice, it keeps them engaged, too. Try out these student-centred activities (coupled with student giveaway ideas) and watch your learners grow.