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As the virtual school year goes on in many parts of the country, some students are struggling with online learning—and they may also be burning out under the strain. The good news is you can help make their online schooling a little easier with some virtual learning tips and student giveaways.


Optimize their workspace

Students are frequently working in a room where toys, TVs, video games, pets, siblings and other distractions are available 24/7. Help them focus on learning by encouraging them to remove potential distractions and keep their school supplies nearby. Send them a School Supplies Pouch, so they have all their learning tools in one place.


Test tech beforehand

One minute before class starts is not the best time to find out the Wi-Fi is down. Recommend every student log in for the day a few minutes early so they can have time to call the school IT team (or a parent) if there’s a problem.

When it’s time to introduce a new tool, give students a chance to take it for a test drive before it becomes a critical part of their school day—or their grade. Emailing students or parents in advance with instructions gives everyone a chance to practice.


Investigate learning pods

For students struggling with all-virtual learning, it may be possible to become part of a learning pod through a local organization or by teaming up with another family. By allowing a small group of students to attend virtual school together with adult supervision, students can get some in-person instruction and socially distanced social time that might make online learning easier emotionally.

A pennant with your school logo can be a fun student giveaway that reminds everyone that they’re all part of the same learning team—even if they aren’t all in the same room.


Set a schedule

Everyone benefits from a routine. Knowing when they’ll be eating, taking a break, and even when they’ll be going to bed and getting up can help students—especially young ones—ease from “home” time to “school” time and help prevent virtual school burnout.

For younger children, try sending them a binder with their daily schedule inside, including spaces where they can fill in items like eating and sleeping. For older students, provide a planner and offer them virtual learning tips for setting up their academic routines.


Tap into their feelings

Students struggling with the emotional toll of virtual learning may find journaling or drawing to be therapeutic. A simple notebook can give them a space to get their feelings onto the page.


Burnout be gone

As students discover the best ways to make e-schooling work for them, these virtual learning tips can help them bypass burnout. And whether they’re getting organized or writing about how they feel, anything that helps them succeed will get top marks.