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Repurposing can do many things for your business, including saving time, engaging more people and getting double duty out of a single piece of content. Repurposing content also makes your team members’ jobs easier, as they don’t have to create original content every time. In fact, one-third of top marketers use a systematic process to reuse or repurpose content.

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You can create a process to make content repurposing seamless and easy too. If you’re not sure where to start, here are five ideas on how to repurpose content.


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Use evergreen content

Content that won’t easily become outdated is easiest to repurpose. So, look at what you have that will still be relevant to readers a couple of years from now. Do you have slightly different audiences that could both benefit from the same information? For example, a food service business that serves both consumers and restaurants could repurpose an email for one audience with a few tweaks to make it beneficial for the other.


Create a series

Using one larger content piece to create a series of short pieces is a simple yet effective way to repurpose content. Have a lengthy webinar chock-full of helpful information? Break it up into multiple short videos. Send those videos out via email or post them on your social channels over a week or two. You could also use the webinar information to create a welcome email sequence that focuses on new subscribers.


Compile an e-Book

You can also compile multiple pieces into one impressive one. For instance, combine several blog posts into an e-Book or white paper. This type of long-form content is perfect for your sales team to send to potential customers who are looking for more in-depth information on a topic.

Send prospects who are getting closer to a sale a business marketing giveaway along with a link to the e-Book or white paper. Gifts like beanies, monthly planners or sling waist packs make a memorable impression.


Get social

On average, people are on social media for two hours and 25 minutes every day. That’s a lot of opportunity to get your message in front of customers and prospects. Look to past emails, videos, presentations, blog posts, etc. to help you create useful posts. Social media can be short and sweet making it easy to get multiple posts out of just one piece of content.


Make infographics

Highly visual infographics can convey a lot of information at a glance, which helps pull in leads. Infographics can boost site traffic by 12%. Slide decks that contain still-relevant stats or a blog post filled with data are easier to digest when transformed into an infographic.

For an interactive customer experience, include a call-to-action at the bottom of the infographic. Ask readers to fill out a form for a small business marketing giveaway. Tie your giveaway to the infographic’s topic. For example, if it’s healthcare-related, choose a hot/cold pack, pill box or bandage dispenser.


One piece of content, multiple uses

With ideas like breaking down one large content piece into smaller chunks or creating easy-to-understand infographics, knowing how to repurpose content becomes easy. Good luck!


Key takeaways:

  • Content repurposing saves time and money.
  • Repurpose existing content into e-Books, videos and infographics.
  • Create useful social media posts from e-mails, blog posts and presentations.