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Fundraisers are a crucial source of income for many schools. The money goes toward classroom supplies, field trips, extracurricular activities and more. But schools aren’t the only ones who benefit. Students can learn several valuable life skills, too.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and how to improve future events.

Bring on the benefits

  • Build skills: Students involved in fundraising learn valuable sales and customer service skills. They learn how to talk with people they don’t know while sharpening their presentation skills. They also learn the importance of making eye contact.
  • Practice goal setting: Most fundraisers have a specific goal. Allow students to set individual goals and make plans to achieve them. Writing a sales script, making a certain number of calls or setting up a booth during school events or in the community are all good ways to achieve sales goals. Remember to reward students for reaching their goals. Tiered gifts for fundraising add excitement and help motivate. Cute mascots or school pennants are great tier-one gifts. For tier two, consider a team hoodie or soccer ball. A premium, logo’d backpack or sonic headphones make great tier-three fundraising giveaways.
  • Reinforce math skills: Tracking orders, handling money and measuring percent-to-goal are just some of the ways fundraisers can be used to reinforce math and financial management skills. Incorporate these into lesson plans—take inventory, count money, hold daily sales meetings and do progress updates.
  • Rouse motivation: Fundraisers can be a lot of fun! Pump up excitement with a classroom kick-off or a school-wide assembly. Introduce your fundraiser and goals, discuss how each person’s contribution can make a difference and talk about all the fundraising gifts sellers can earn. Fun music, refreshments, energetic speakers and, of course, a few motivational giveaways can add to the excitement. Think school logo’d apparel such as T-shirts and caps. Or hand out fun pens and pencils for order taking.

Fundraisers offer many benefits, both to schools and to students. Make your next one a success—and have some fun along the way.


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