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| Updated: May 10, 2022 4 min read

When you post a job opening, you hope to attract the best of the best. But with 8.7 million people currently without work, you may receive a flood of applications. How can you make sure only ideal candidates apply? By providing a realistic job preview that gives potential employees an honest look into what their new role would be.

Realistic job previews help ensure that those who apply will enjoy their daily duties, fit within your culture, and stay with your company for a long while. Here are ideas on how you can make sure your job preview is truly realistic, so it pulls in perfect-fit candidates.


Set personal preferences aside

What’s boring to one person may be quite enjoyable for another. When describing job responsibilities, encourage your hiring managers to put personal preferences aside. For example, if the hiring manager doesn’t thrive in a fast-changing environment, they may unintentionally give the impression that such a position is hard and stressful.

To avoid giving job previews based on personal preferences, stick to the facts—the day-to-day duties. When everyday responsibilities are clear, it’s easy to attract candidates who understand and are excited about the role’s tasks. Once you’ve attracted the best candidates, recruiting giveaways can help them choose you over competitors. A branded ballcap, soft-shell jacket or a multi-tool with phone stand is a great gift for qualified applicants.


Offer straightforward descriptions

When providing a job preview, keep language simple and straightforward. A description that uses vague words is left open to interpretation and may lead to confusion. For example, instead of saying the job is “dynamic,” say, “You may be asked to do X task today and Y task tomorrow.” Instead of saying a job involves “creative development,” say, “You’ll create logos and design presentations.”


Incorporate transparent videos

Including a video with your job posting has been shown to boost application rates by 34%. A transparent video adds a personal touch to the job preview. It can show potential candidates who their coworkers would be and help them feel connected even before they apply.

Consider creating a day-in-the-life video, where a team member with a similar role films their daily duties, talks openly about challenges, and offers insight about their favorite moments throughout the day. If the position is in-person, a 360-degree view of the office may further spark candidates’ interest , especially if your workspace has a unique look and feel. Once you meet ideal candidates, give them a recruiting giveaway that helps you stand out, like a slim vacuum insulator tumbler or a cooler tote.


Be open about company culture

Job duties are only one aspect of a career. Company culture—how people are treated and how they communicate with each other—is just as, if not more, important. In fact, some companies believe cultural fit is the number-one factor when it comes to retaining employees. Being a good cultural fit means candidates will easily mesh with their work environment, stick to your company values, and enjoy working with their colleagues.

Be sure to go into detail about company culture. Is collaboration a big deal, or is independent work more important? Do coworkers like to hang out together after work? Are people brutally honest with each other? You can even invite candidates to submit questions about your company culture along with their application. Their questions can help give you a sense of what they’re looking for and how well they’ll fit with your culture.


Attract ideal candidates

With realistic job preview ideas, like using straightforward descriptions and being honest about your company culture, you can easily attract candidates who will stick with you for years to come. Happy hiring!