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| Updated: February 04, 2021

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Backpacks for every workplace personality

Posted: August 03, 2016 | Updated: February 04, 2021 | Suzanne Worwood

Backpacks—once confined to the back-to-school set—are now among the hottest trends in workplace bags. Perhaps it’s their utility. Maybe it’s their sporty style. But, these go-everywhere bags are showing up on backs of a wide range of workers, from entry level to executive suite.

Over the last several years, demand for adult backpacks has been on the rise. In fact, the NPD Group found adult backpack sales had risen 18% among women and 17% among men in 2014, part of a growing preference toward less traditional bags. Growing demand means an ever-increasing range of backpack styles is available.

Here are a few of our favorites.

For the consummate pro

For teams who need a more polished image that reads more corporate than casual, the Wenger® Tech-Laptop Backpack sends all the right signals. Though this backpack features the convenience of a standard pack, with pockets for laptops, phones and other office gadgets, its streamlined styles says it’s all business.

Wenger® Tech-Laptop Backpack

For the athletic traveler 

If you’re looking for a business gift frequent travelers will love, the New Balance® Inspire is a great option. This TSA-friendly bag helps travelers get through security checkpoints with less fuss. The unique magnetic roll-top closure of the sporty bag allows quick access to their workout gear. And, this checkpoint-friendly backpack holds laptops in a secure compartment.

New Balance Inspire

Magnetic roll-top closure keeps main compartment secure.

For the week-long warrior

Monday through Friday, the High Sierra® Haywire Laptop Backpack is a power pack that combines savvy style with storage space for workweek gear. But, when the weekend comes, it is equally at home on trail treks or sports sidelines.

High Sierra® Haywire Laptop Backpack

Perfect for transitioning from the office to a hike in the great outdoors.

For the on-the-go Millennial

Looking for a business gift that on-the-go Millennials will snap up? Check out the Oakley® Enduro 30L. It’s a tough, do-anything pack that looks rad and works hard. It’s packed with pockets that make it easy to stow tech gear and other stuff. And, the range of colors makes these bags stand out from more typical black backpacks.

Oakley® Enduro 30L

For the design lover

While most backpacks get their style from their made-for-the-mountaineer look, the Kenneth Cole® Reaction Laptop Rucksack takes a different approach. This sleekly styled pack is simple and streamlined. While pockets hold all the traditional tech gear, its minimalist style turns heads. Simply put, this backpack is a more modern take on the traditional briefcase.

Kenneth Cole® Reaction Laptop Rucksack