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For years, the millennial generation has captured headlines for its size and unique perspectives. And now that the youngest millennials will be 24 years old in 2020, many of them have children of their own. As millennial parents become a growing part of your school’s landscape, these tips, along with school giveaways, can improve communication and relationships with this generation.


Keep it mobile


More than 90% of millennials own smartphones. And for many of them, it’s their only way to connect to the internet. Make sure your website is up to date and mobile-friendly. It’s also important that parental communication includes texting and emailing options to make it easy for parents to know what’s happening at your school.


Remind parents that they can find important school information online. At the start of the school year, promote your school’s website by handing out school promotional products, like a screen cleaning cloth or a phone wallet and ring stand.


Keep communication visual, short and sweet


The use of colour in school newsletters increases willingness to read by 80%—and including videos in social media posts and email increases click-through rates by more than 200%. Use visuals and keep text to a minimum to ensure parents are opening and reading important messages.


Explain your causes


Research has shown that millennials are passionate about supporting causes, but they want to know the “why.” If you’re trying to raise funds or get parents involved in a cause, share the “why” with them. For example, let them know you’re improving accessibility for students with disabilities—or raising money for band instruments so disadvantaged kids don’t to pay as much. Providing a little background information goes a long way toward bringing parents on board for your cause.


Parents can also show their support for causes by purchasing school promotional items, such as a silicone wristband or a mascot-inspired stuffed animal.


Get parents engaged


While millennial parents appreciate being informed, they also want to be an engaged partner in their child’s education rather than just a passive observer.


Whenever possible, find ways to allow parents to ask questions and offer feedback. They will appreciate knowing what kids are studying in school, seeing pictures of field trips on a private Facebook® group, or getting invitations to participate in classroom activities. Thank parents who volunteer to help in the classroom with a school giveaway, like a travel tumbler.



A new generation of communication


Millennials are an engaged generation who want their children to thrive in your classroom—just like you do. These tips and school giveaways can help ensure everyone is working hand in hand.




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  1. Julia

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    Thanks a lot for amazing work!

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