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| Updated: March 10, 2021

Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, are becoming essential stakeholders in many communities. In fact, 27.5 percent of Canadians are Millennials, and the group has now surpassed the Baby Boomers in terms of population.

As the first generation raised on technology, different methods must be used to engage Millennials. While 67 percent of government agency managers believe they are doing a good job of reaching their audience, public perception is at an eight-year low. It’s likely that many government agencies are not being heard by their younger community members.

Speaking to the people

Easy access to information is key for Millennials. They also appreciate knowing how they can make an impact. Here are four ways—and some unique promotional items—to help connect with a younger audience.

Get social

Not only are Millennials on social media, they expect you to be there, too. In Canada, 91 percent of Millennials use social media regularly. It’s a great avenue for government agencies looking to reach out. You can send instant notifications, invite followers to events and even livestream important meetings. If you are having difficulty getting followers, mail residents information about the social accounts along with a trendy promotional item, such as a cell phone wallet or phone stand, to capture their attention.

Get personal

Millennials want to make an impact and have their voices heard. In fact, when it comes to their work, 76 percent would take a pay cut for a job where they made a bigger social impression. You can address this desire by highlighting the impact they can have in their own community. Whether you’re trying to increase votes in a local election race or encourage attendance at a government meeting, focus your messaging on how their involvement makes a difference.

Get visual

The younger generations are often visually driven. If your branding, style and logo are out of date (or nonexistent), it is time to consider updating. Get them involved by asking your constituents to vote on a new logo or branding, or even encourage them to submit their original ideas. (This is another place to enlist the help of social media!) Once you have rebranded, showcase your new look on a vacuum coffee mug or snapback cap.

Get active

Nine out of 10 Millennials have attended a live event in the past year, so engage them in-person by hosting an event of your own. More than half of Millennials are parents, so consider family-friendly events during the day. Whether it’s family yoga in the park, a tasting event hosted by local restaurants or a networking get-together, events are a fun way to get your younger audience involved. At the event, thank guests for attending with a unique promotional item, like a puzzle.


A message they won’t forget

With these ideas, your agency is sure to engage all your citizens—including Millennials. Don’t forget the unique promotional items to leave a memorable impression!