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| Updated: January 14, 2021

Keeping employees safe from harm is of obvious importance in the workplace. But, as you implement strategies, policies and regulations to help keep them healthy and productive, have you thought about how to protect against identity theft? A study by Javelin Strategy and Research estimates that one in every 16 adults in the United States was a victim of identity theft in 2016. Identity theft can take its toll on your employees and your organization in numerous ways, including lost time at work, loss of productivity and stress-related illness.

If bottom-line busters like this have you wondering how to protect against identity theft or how to help your employees when it does occur, read on. These suggestions, including promotional items with built-in protection for radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, may be worth a try.

Provide identity theft protection benefits

Identity theft protection services are expected to be the fastest growing employee perk in coming years. Consider it as part of your wellness plan and extend services to the whole family. Start new employees off with the right mindset by providing a unique promo product, such as an RFID-protected aluminum card holder, with their first set of business cards.

Promote identity safety

Weave security training and awareness into your safety program. Remind employees to leave their social security card at home, shred mail, ignore unsolicited requests for personal information, and watch accounts for transactions they didn’t make. Identity Theft Key Points are a good way to keep these tips on employees’ minds. Also, visibly promote identity safety throughout the workplace with a Rapid Change Retractable Banner Display and replacement graphic.

Equip travelers

Employees who travel, either for work or pleasure, are far more susceptible to identify theft. Ensure your team is equipped for road trips with RFID promotional items. RFID chips are in most driver’s licenses, credit cards and debit cards. They contain personal and account information that identity thieves can access by simply passing people by. RFID protection helps block that capability, helping to keep that information safe until employees are ready to swipe their card. Consider handing out a Safe Travels RFID Traverse Wallet or Vault RFID Security 18” Travel Duffel. Employees who are traveling on your behalf will also benefit from a stealth laptop case. This unique promo product helps safely store electronic devices, and a hidden RFID pocket helps protect personal information.

Report and recovery support

If, despite your best efforts, an employee does become a victim of identity theft, be prepared to help them report the theft immediately to the Federal Trade Commission and work through a recovery plan. Your support will not go unnoticed, and it should help minimize your employee’s stress and maximize on-the-job productivity.


While there are no guarantees, these tips on how to protect against identity theft, along with a few RFID promotional items, will help reduce the likelihood of theft and fraud, benefitting both your employees and your agency.