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| Updated: March 10, 2022 4 min read

Most companies have embraced traditional holidays, like Christmas, Canada Day and even Halloween, as cause for annual celebrations for everything from promotions to staff parties to store decor. However, these holidays are so saturated, it’s pretty much impossible for any brand to “own” them in a unique way.

Try thinking outside the box to put your stamp on some quirky, fun holidays for an experience customers and employees won’t soon forget. And who knows—if all goes well, it could wind up being your thing every year! Give small business promotional items away as part of the fun.


Don’t be afraid to get silly

One of the most fun holidays in April (that you’ve probably never heard of) has to be Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, which falls on April 2. The holiday originated south of the border, but there’s nothing stopping Canadian businesses from joining the fun. Draw customers into your store or office by offering them free sandwiches. After all, who doesn’t love PB&J? Serve them alongside branded bags of peanuts or assorted jellybeans for customers to enjoy onsite or take home.

If you’re looking for something a bit later in the year, consider jumping aboard International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is among the many fun holidays in September. Use September 19 as an excuse to boost morale. Equip staff with paper pirate hats and encourage them to engage in good old-fashioned pirate talk.


Embrace your inner nerd

Get in on a fun holiday math geeks love: March 14, also known as Pi Day. Why? Because it’s 3/14, like that famous number that begins with 3.14. It’s an excellent opportunity to gather folks for team-building activities around some pie (either sweet, savoury or the pizza kind). Foster healthy competition by challenging employees to see who can recite the most digits of pi by memory, and give winners brag-worthy swag, like a medal.


Every food has its day

Whatever your favourite food is, chances are pretty good that it has its own “international day,” with unusual holidays ranging from Fruitcake Toss Day on January 3 to Cupcake Day on December 15.

With offbeat days like these gaining increasing attention on social media, it couldn’t hurt to get in on the action. Consider giving customers relevant small business promotional items for your days of choice, like a BBQ spatula for National BBQ Day on May 16; a Fountain Soda Tumbler with Straw for Milk Chocolate Day on September 12; or a cookie for Cookie Monster® Day on November 2.


Make it yours

No matter which fun holidays you choose to embrace, make sure to put your own unique spin on them. And if you keep celebrating them year after year, customers (and potential customers) will begin to think of your company every time those quirky holidays approach.