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For many, the holidays are a time for family, food and celebration. Yet for many healthcare workers, it’s another day at the office. Long-term care facilities, hospitals and clinics, to name a few, don’t have the luxury of closing their doors on holidays. And according to some estimates, many even see a 5% to 15% uptick in visits during the festive season. Show appreciation and make the day special for those who work those important shifts with these healthcare gifts ideas.


Idea #1: Catered lunch

Many holiday customs involve a festive meal with family and friends. Celebrate this tradition at work by providing favourite holiday foods and treats to share as a work family. A catered lunch or dinner is a great way to build camaraderie, show appreciation and celebrate. Send employees home with leftovers in a branded lunch set that doubles as a thank-you gift for working during the holidays.


Idea #2: Quality drinkware

Many healthcare employees work long hours with few breaks. This can make staying hydrated a challenge. A quality water bottle not only encourages good drinking habits, it makes a perfect gift for just about any healthcare employee. Imprint drinkware with a message of appreciation and give it to employees who will be spending the holidays at work.


Idea #3: Wellness gift basket

Healthcare work can be stressful—perhaps more now than ever before. A high-stress job coupled with the hustle and bustle of the season can make for particularly long days. A wellness basket that includes a soft blanket, scented candle and a list of relaxation apps is a great healthcare gift to help them destress and unwind after working during the busy holidays. Attach a handwritten note to let them know their sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed.


Idea #4: Stocking stuffers

Just because they’re at work doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a visit from Santa. Hang a personalized stocking for each employee working the holidays and fill with giveaways. Fun pens, holiday-coloured lanyards and tasty treats make excellent stocking stuffers. Or organize a secret Santa and let the employees do the giving.


Idea #5: New scrubs

Want to spread Christmas cheer to staff and patients? Outfit holiday workers in festive-coloured scrubs and (if appropriate for your workplace) foam reindeer antlers. Hand them out ahead of time so employees can wear them while they’re working the holidays. Your staff will appreciate the new duds, and patients will enjoy seeing staff donning celebratory attire.

Working the holidays may be inevitable, but you can make the day special for employees who serve others. These healthcare gift ideas and fun ways to use them are sure to bring cheer to your dedicated staff this holiday season.