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| Updated: January 14, 2021 3 min read

Participating in a trade show is a great way to get eyes on your brand. Eighty-eight percent of trade show exhibitors are there to raise awareness about their company. As an exhibitor, you may wonder how you can stand out in the crowd when the majority of exhibitors share the same goal as you. Creative trade show lighting ideas can help. Exhibit lighting can be a fun, effective way to highlight your booth and attract attention. Consider these five creative trade show display ideas to make your exhibit shine.


5 trade show lighting trends



A backlit display is sure to stand out on the trade show floor. In fact, it’s a popular trade show trend for 2019. Use backlit fabric that matches your brand colours or the theme of the show as an inexpensive, easily transportable way to highlight your booth.


Kinetic lighting

Once reserved for concerts and fashion shows, kinetic lighting is now popping up on exhibit floors. This interactive lighting turns LEDs into pixels that transform your booth into an amazing, multi-sensory experience attendees will just have to see. Encourage visitors to capture and share your visual feast for the eyes with selfie stick giveaways and a clever hashtag.


3D displays:

Projection mapping uses projection technology to turn everyday objects into 3D interactive displays. Graphics projected onto a surface come alive as light is used to create shape and texture. Use projection mapping to highlight your logo, messaging or products.


Linear lighting

Linear lighting, with LED string lights or rope lights, can highlight table edges, message boards, walls or a path that leads attendees straight to your booth. Choose cool-coloured lights to create a crisp, clean look. Or give off a soft, inviting appearance by selecting warmer tones.


Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting draws eyes to your booth from across the floor while not detracting from your messaging once passersby stop to visit. Spotlights are a great way to do this. A floor or tabletop display complete with overhead lighting is the perfect way to bring your message to light. Or light your existing display with a universal light kit.


Want to shine a light on your booth and attract the attention of countless attendees? Choose one or more of these creative trade show lighting products.