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| Updated: January 13, 2021 4 min read

Communication is a critical part of every organization—so critical, in fact, that 85% of staff members say they are most motivated when management shares regular company news updates. And yet, trying to capture the attention of busy staff members can be a challenge. As you take a look at your internal communications strategy, consider adding some of these creative ways to communicate with employees.




Use video

In a world where many people carry a camera in their pocket everywhere they go, creating video is easier than ever. What’s more, studies have shown that viewers recall 95% of a video message, but only 10% of a message they have to read.

This makes video a great way to share more complex topics or critical messages that require your staff’s full concentration—for example, explaining a new company policy or showcasing a new product feature they need to fully understand.

For extra-critical messaging, ask a trivia question about the message or add another fun element. That will help ensure they watch closely. Give those who answer the question a chance to win a branded promotional product or company apparel.


Incorporate gamification

Introducing a new communication tool can be a powerful way to get everyone connected—but only if they know how to use it. If you build a new app, an intranet site or another fresh means of communication, getting everyone to understand it will make sharing messages easier.

Using gamification ideas, like a scavenger hunt that walks people through the ins and the outs of an app, will have people eager to find all the right answers—especially if you offer a prize.

Giving everyone who wins the game a fun, useful branded promotional product—like a tumbler or lunch bag—creates multiple wins as it boosts everyone’s communication game. And if you want to add an element of competition, hand out a larger prize to whoever is first to submit the correct answers.


Make the most of mobile communication

When every staff member isn’t in the office, great communication is more than how you say something—it’s about how you share it. Using an internal app, text messages or an internal social messaging tool to share time-sensitive or must-read messages can ensure your staff members and freelancers see those messages the next time they look at their phone—which is almost 100 times a day.


Communication equals connection

When you improve your internal communications game, your staff gets the information they need. Try these creative ways to communicate with employees to make sure your message always gets across.


Top takeaways

  • Video messages are much more memorable than text-only messages.
  • Getting your messages on employee phones gives them almost 100 chances a day to be seen.
  • Gamifying communication can turn everyone into a winner.