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| Updated: March 25, 2021

Almost 80 percent of U.S. citizens own a smartphone and 1 in 5 internet users access the web exclusively on their smartphone. Both of those numbers are sure to go up. That has more and more organizations considering starting an app.


Much like social media, an app allows organizations to connect more directly with their supporters. There are many benefits to having an app, and some important things to consider before you get started. If you decide an app is right for you, we have some mobile promotional products that will encourage supporters to check you out online.


Benefits of an app

Having an app can help your organization—and your supporters—in a number of ways:


Having an app means that potential supporters will have an easier time finding you. Being part of the App Store® or Google Play® will create opportunities for people to discover you.

Push notifications

An app allows you to send supporters direct messages.


If you’re running a fundraiser, you can send a message to supporters with all the information. And you can provide them with a way to donate, either through the app or at another online location.

Easy information

If you’re holding an event, an app makes planning easier. The app can add the event to supporters’ calendars as well as provide directions to the event.

Before you start

While the benefits of an app sound great, be sure to consider the alternatives. Your organization may not need an app. It takes time and money to create and keep a mobile app current. Is it worth the cost and effort for your organization? Also consider that your website may already be providing everything your supporters need. Make sure you take time to truly consider your options.

Ask your audience

If you believe an app will boost your cause, get feedback before you begin the process. The most important questions are whether your supporters would use it and how. Create a poll on social media or send surveys through email. Mail nonprofit swag, like a foldable flat pen or phone stand keychain, to those who respond. If you aren’t able to send out swag to everyone who answers the survey, put together a drawing for one larger prize, like a Bluetooth® speaker.

Launching your app

Once you roll out your app, nonprofit swag can help you spread the word. Send supporters a postcard with the name of your app and its benefits. Or pass out mobile promotional products like a cell phone wallet at events. Imprint it with information about your app.

Helping you make an (sn)app decision

As technology continues to change, offering an app may create new and exciting opportunities to your supporters and your organization. With some pre-planning and mobile promotional products, you can take your organization to the next level.