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| Updated: May 10, 2022

Just about every person who passes your booth at a trade show is a potential customer. Research shows 81% of trade show attendees come to an expo with buying power. During the event, the most important thing is to get people to stop at your booth. After all, you can’t start a conversation without first getting their attention

Stand apart from competitors with creative trade show display ideas and you’ll be sure to stop potential customers in their tracks.

Unique ways of using trade show displays

Build out with multiple displays

Usually, trade show displays are designed to sit in front of your booth and draw attention to your brand, product or service. By turning multiple displays into the walls of your booth, you can include more information. Show off all your services, tell the story of your company, or even organize your displays into “problem-solution” groups. Start with your primary message on a single wall, like a 6′ x 8′ foot backdrop or a three-dimensional geometric display (#C142139). Then, break out other messages or stories into smaller pieces using retractable banners.

Highlight with light

Lights help to draw the eye to your booth. Use spotlights or LEDs around key areas of your display. To engage even more senses, incorporate an LED Bluetooth® speaker and turn up the volume on your display.

Make it creative

If what you sell is too complicated or unwieldy for the trade show floor, get creative. Consider creating a short—one minute or less—video presentation customers can watch. Or use an interactive app that allows them to learn about the product at their own pace. Studies have shown that customers are four times more likely to watch a video of a product than read about it. So there’s a strong possibility that the people who might walk right past your signs will be drawn in by your video presentation. Add an extra “wow” factor by bringing in a virtual reality component. Send viewers home with a virtual reality headset to remind them of the experience.

Get them to say cheese

A photo booth can be a real draw. It adds a fun element and encourages people to spend time at your booth. Have attendees take photos to commemorate the event and send them home with a logo’d frame to keep their photos—and your message—safe during travel.


Trade show displays attract new customers

Creative trade show display ideas can be the difference between “stop” and “go” for every person who passes your booth. Try one or more of these ideas to turn a few heads and get people talking—to you!