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| Updated: January 12, 2021 3 min read

The importance of showing gratitude to your staff can’t be overstated. Sixty-nine percent of employees state that if they received more appreciation, they would work harder. These creative employee recognition ideas can help you show gratitude to your staff members in our increasingly digital world.

If you’re searching for ways to share tech-worthy praise, we’ve got some tips and employee recognition gift ideas for you.


Provide instant recognition with apps

Apps like iAppreciate® and Achievers® allow your company to show instant gratitude to employees when you know they’ve done something great. And programs like Slack® track accomplishments in real time and share kudos in a public forum your employees can see. Monitor those accomplishments long-term and use them to reward employees. Wireless ear buds or lunch coolers are great employee recognition gift ideas.


Share social shout-outs

While it’s always great to acknowledge accomplishments in-person, talking about your staff members online has benefits for them and you. Social sharing demonstrates to your employees that you care—and it shows off their expertise and abilities. It also gives potential staff members a glimpse into your company culture.

If you want to include something tangible with their online kudos, give them a certificate in a folder or a jacket to help them remember their accomplishment.


Provide educational opportunities

Digital shout-outs aren’t the only way to recognize employees—you can also offer digital learning. Rewarding ambitious staff members who want to enhance their skills with online courses allows them to work on their professional development while on the clock. And it lets you upskill and reskill valuable employees so they can take on new challenges within your company.


Help staff achieve wellness wins with tech

Finding ways to encourage your employees to stay healthy can result in cost savings for them and you, with a return on investment of $1.50 to $3 for every dollar spent. And digital technology can help you encourage and reward wellness. For example, a fitness tracker will get them counting their daily steps—especially when paired with an employee recognition gift, like a water bottle that tracks their hydration.


Creative employee recognition ideas for the modern staff member

Today, information can be immediate and worldwide, and showing gratitude to your staff can be too. These creative employee recognition ideas can help show your staff members just how much you appreciate them.