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| Updated: March 25, 2021

Multifunctional workspaces are trending. This flexible design trend is all about maximizing employee productivity and motivation. A multifunctional office space is one that can be used in different ways to serve a variety of functions—the flexibility allows employees have a space that best suits their changing needs, regardless of the task at hand.

This article offers several tips on creating these flexible office spaces, including furniture placement, décor and technology, as well as business promotional items that can help ease the transition.

How to create a multifunctional workspace

Furniture and seating

When selecting your seating, variety is key. Furniture needs to be easily moved to give your space the flexibility it needs. Consider standard pieces like office chairs and modular couches, as well as lightweight stools, stackable chairs and bean bags. Mix adjustable desks with multi-height tables to accommodate individual work (done while sitting or standing) as well as large office meetings. Keep workstations accessible and organized with attractive desk organizers. Post-it® cubes are another useful business promotional item.


When designing your multifunction workspace, think room dividers versus rooms. A room divider provides a quiet area to take a call or hold that brainstorming session while being flexible enough to accommodate larger groups as needed.


Design firm Officescape says clutter-free is the way to be when it comes to multifunction workspace decor. Their recommendation is to decorate the walls and floor rather than desktops. These removable graphics can be placed on both walls and the floor and are a great way to display your message without cluttering tables and desktops.


Consider the technology people will need to do their jobs—from electrical outlets and power strips to charging stations and Bluetooth®. Strategically placed outlets and tech promotional items can help them get the job done. Install outlets on floors and under desks. Place a wireless speaker in each work area for remote meetings and conference calls. Keep multi-purpose charging cables around the office to ensure everyone stays powered up, and don’t forget to supply ear buds and USB drives. Be sure to include the absolute must-have for offices—a coffee maker!


These tips, plus business promotional items, can help you maximize your office space. Make it multifunctional by choosing the right seating and décor, breaking down the walls and being mindful of technology needs.