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Corporate nonprofit partnerships are true win, win situations. Businesses that connect with a nonprofit can build their bottom line and their employee morale. Studies show that:


  • 55% of customers are willing to pay more when purchasing from a socially responsible business.
  • 64% of millennials won’t take a job with a company that doesn’t practice corporate responsibility.
  • Partnerships can help companies reach new audiences.


Partnerships benefit nonprofits by providing increased funding and brand recognition. Working with a company also helps nonprofits attract new volunteers and generate media opportunities that help get their message out to the public.


If your business is considering a nonprofit partnership, we have some tips and promotional giveaway ideas to help you make the most of every opportunity.


Get to know your potential partners


When searching for the right nonprofit to connect with, consider those that align with your industry, offer many ways to get involved and provide opportunities for meaningful volunteer participation. You also want a responsible collaborator that will actively promote the partnership. Examining a potential nonprofit’s web pages and social media channels can help you find the right fit.


Discuss the benefits


When meeting with a potential partner, discuss ways you may benefit each other. For example, an accounting firm or wealth management company may be able to connect volunteers to a nonprofit that focuses on math education or financial literacy. Themed promotional giveaways, like a calculator or ruler, make memorable leave behinds.


Create a true partnership


The best corporate nonprofit partnerships are just that: Partnerships! Hold monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss ways your organizations can support each other. For example:


  • Sponsor an online fundraiser or event to show support while building brand awareness. Co-brand mailable giveaways, like drink sleeves and magnets, that can send be sent to donors as thank-you gifts.
  • Place co-branded banks at both places to collect donations. Offer to match whatever is collected and distribute a press release announcing the grand total.
  • Create opportunities for staff to volunteer with your nonprofit partner. Both organizations can share impact stories on social media pages.


Be a good neighbour


Creating a strong corporate nonprofit partnership can give both organizations a financial boost while introducing you both to new audiences. With every volunteer opportunity, fundraiser and promotional giveaway, you’ll be working to make your community a better place.


Top Takeaways:


  • Corporate nonprofit partnerships provide big benefits for nonprofits and businesses.
  • Research multiple nonprofits to find one that aligns well with your business.
  • The best partnerships are true partnerships, where both parties work together to determine how to best serve one another.