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| Updated: July 08, 2022

In relationships, each side supports the other to bring out the best in both. That’s especially true when nonprofits partner with for-profit businesses. Forming a partnership has so many benefits. You can build and nurture these partnerships with the help of nonprofit giveaways.

By partnering with for-profit organizations in your community, you’ll:

  • Create additional awareness for your cause
  • Increase funding
  • Create opportunities for media attention
  • Be able to run larger events with more access to funds and volunteers

If you’re looking to create a partnership with a for-profit company, check out this list of ways to make that partnership successful with help from donor appreciation gifts.


Find the right partner

When you start looking for a corporate partnership, it’s critical that their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives align with yours. Before approaching a business for funds, volunteers or other partnership plans, investigate what the company has supported in the past and what it may be looking to support in the future. If the business is focusing on health initiatives and you’re looking for ways to protect wildlife, your missions may not be compatible.

When you approach a business about creating a partnership, offer nonprofit giveaways related to your goals. For example, if you’re approaching a sporting goods business about raising funds to help with youth physical fitness, give them a smartphone wallet that resembles a basketball to remind them of your funding request.


Discuss ways you can support one another

Once you’ve made a connection with a company, determine how you can best support one another. Do you need volunteer help? Are you looking for funding? Would the funding be provided directly by the company or through special collections taken at the business using a bank?

Once you get support, announce your partnership on a banner you can take to events. Or include it on shirts you sell for a fundraiser.


Measure success and connect regularly

Like almost everything in business, measuring success on a regular basis helps you achieve your goals. Once you’ve built a connection with a company, check in regularly. This allows you to share successes, collaborate on new opportunities, and discuss issues if benchmarks aren’t being met.

Celebrate success with giveaways. When you reach a major funding milestone, create custom lapel pins that announce the milestone. If the company helped you by sponsoring a major event, consider a photo album with pictures from the event as a donor appreciation gift.


Get more done by working hand-in-hand

A great partnership is truly more than the sum of its part(ner)s. By selecting a compatible for-profit company and appropriate nonprofit giveaways, you’ll open new avenues to reaching your goals.