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| Updated: February 12, 2024

Being the new kid in the neighborhood, at school or on the job is difficult. And of those three, being the new person at work may be the most stressful. A study by TLNT shows that one-third of new hires quit their job after about six months, and 33 percent of employees know within the first week whether or not they will stick with a new employer long-term.

While there are many things employers can do to encourage new employees to stay, such as creating a positive culture and offering competitive pay and top-tier benefits, office-warming gifts go a long way toward making new hires feel welcome. Here are a few ideas for promotional business gifts that will help make them feel like a part of the family.

Let them know you’re excited they’ve joined the team

All too often, current employees aren’t aware a new team member is starting work on a given day. First of all, make sure your team knows the new person’s start date. Then start getting their workspace ready. For example, put a stapler and office caddy (#140099) on the desk to help keep office essentials organized. Maybe consider picking up some flowers or a plant. Include a logo’d picture frame so they have a place for their favorite family photo.

Assign them a work “buddy”

Learning a new position isn’t just about sitting at a desk and doing work. It’s about learning new names and faces, getting a handle on new computer software and hardware, and filling out new hire paperwork, among many other things. And with all the new faces, processes and computer knowledge, having a friendly buddy ready to answer questions can be the crucial difference between comfort and discontent in a new work setting.

While their buddy is going to be a huge help, new hires aren’t going to be able to remember every single answer their buddy offers. So, give your new employees All-in-One Mini Notebooks complete with notebook, pen and self-stick tabs—so they can write down and organize the many questions and answers they are sure to have.

If you want to add a technological twist, consider giving them a Moleskine® Evernote® Smart Notebook. Considered royalty among the stationery set, this specially designed notebook can capture their handwritten notes using an app that converts those notes into searchable text. It’s a brilliant blend of tradition and technology.

Give them a tour

The sooner new employees know where things are, the sooner they’re going to start feeling comfortable in their new environment. Make sure you show new hires where the breakroom, nearest bathroom and meeting rooms are. Also, inform them of proper parking protocol and where to go in case of an emergency.

Along with the tour, give them a binder filled with information and paperwork they’re going to need, such as the employee handbook, a map of the building or a letter welcoming them to the company.

When you pass through the break room, hand them a new mug so they can grab a beverage of their choice. Sometimes all you need to feel at home is a fresh cup of coffee.

The best office-warming gifts make new team members feel at home

While it’s never easy to be the new kid in the office, taking the time to bring your new employees up to speed by offering useful and heartfelt office-warming gifts can help them feel included, appreciated and part of their new work family. With employee engagement and retention becoming more important with each passing year, offering the right support and the right promotional business gift at the right time can help keep your newbies around for a long time to come.