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Welcoming new hires is exciting. Helping them feel at home from day one will show them they are valued and that they made the right decision joining your team. Bonus—doing so can positively impact productivity and workplace satisfaction. Providing useful giveaways and gifts is a great way to do this. And a welcome gift that’s helpful not only says, “we’re glad you’re here,” but it can also help new hires be more effective at their jobs.

Getting a new hire up to speed takes time. In fact, it can take up to six months to recoup the investment made to train a new employee. Companies can speed up this process by providing new hires with useful work giveaways to help them get organized, de-stress and feel included.

Calendars showing orientation tasks in May and an anniversary in November.

Useful work giveaway ideas

  • Office giveaways to keep workspaces organized
  • Audio gadgets for easy listening
  • Task management tools to improve focus
  • Branded swag to help them feel welcome
  • Tech gadgets to improve efficiency
  • Relaxation items to melt away stress

Office giveaways to keep workspaces organized

Did you know paper clutter is a top contributor to workplace stress and frustration? There’s a clear connection between staying organized and maintaining greater productivity. Provide new hires with organizational tools and office giveaways that can help them get off to a running start from day one.

A two-pane view of two workspaces. One is cluttered and one is tidy.

A 6-in-1 desk kit keeps tiny supplies, like paper clips and rubber bands, neatly in their place. A colour pop pen cup helps prevent writing tools from rolling around on their desk. And an office buddy cube makes it easier for new hires to keep track of notes and to-do lists.

Audio gadgets for easy listening

Listening to music can help improve focus and concentration in high-pressure situations, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Handing new staff a pair of wireless headphones provides double the benefits—they can listen to productivity-boosting music while drowning out office chatter as they work.

Man wearing headphones and listening to music at work.

For staff who travel a lot, a pair of colourful ear buds with traveler case is easy to carry when driving or flying. Associates will be grateful for their new employer’s thoughtfulness while listening to their favourite podcast during the commute or watching a movie on the plane.

For new hires who work remotely, an outdoor Bluetooth® speaker can help them listen to brain-boosting music, even if they want to go outside to work. Or offer a Bluetooth® speaker with carabiner so they can easily take their tunes on the go. Every time those new associates turn up the tunes, they’ll be happy they accepted a position with you.

Task management tools to improve focus

Ninety-five percent of employees want to feel more relaxed at work. Encourage your newest team members to keep their workload in check by giving them task management tools to help them prioritize and keep up with tasks.

Man leaning back in his desk chair.

A weekly pocket planner helps new employees keep a close eye on what needs to be done so they know ahead of time when work needs to shift. A memo desk calendar is an easy way for staff members to view upcoming deadlines, meetings and appointments at a glance. A monthly pocket planner helps new hires keep their schedule at their fingertips, whether at work, at home, or on the road. Pro tip: Work giveaway ideas that contribute to a more productive work environment can lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention too.

Branded swag to help them feel welcome

Welcome gifts they can use on the job can help new hires feel like part of the team from day one. A branded stainless steel water bottle is a useful giveaway team members can use to stay hydrated at work, at the gym or while running errands. A T-shirt emblazoned with your company logo can help them feel connected to the team while also getting more eyes on your brand.

A welcome kit, filled with company swag, shows you care and are invested in new team members’ success. A classic sling bag that contains a branded mouse pad with wrist rest, round retractable badge holder and metal pens makes a perfect “welcome to the team” gift. Include a team handbook or culture guide to help new hires understand company values, expectations and where they fit in.

Tech gadgets to increase efficiency

Access to technology and tools is important for new hires to perform at their best. Giving them tech gadgets not only makes a great first impression but also helps them be more efficient. A round two-tone power bank helps ensure they stay charged up while on the go. A USB drive helps keep digital files organized, so new team members can quickly find what they need—no matter where they are working.

A wireless mouse is convenient and useful, helping them navigate their work more efficiently. And a 5-port USB charging tower lets them keep multiple devices powered up at once. Providing new hires with all the tools they need to do their job well is sure to contribute to their success.

Relaxation items to melt away stress

Research suggests that there is a direct correlation between happiness and health. That’s why items that help them relax at (and after) work can be valuable office giveaways for new hires. A scented candle creates a calm atmosphere that’s enjoyable to work in. A squishy stress reliever provides a little peace when deadlines are approaching. An aqua pearls hot/cold eye mask reminds them to sit back and relax on breaks or after the day is done. A yoga mat and gift card for a massage helps promote a self-care culture.

These items can help new employees stay calm and focused, so they’ll be more likely to feel relaxed and content in their role with your company.

Useful giveaways start new hires off strong

With help from these useful workplace giveaway ideas, you can give new hires the resources they need to perform their job at their best. This can improve employee retention, increase job performance and boost team morale. Best of luck!



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