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| Updated: March 25, 2021

Logos are typically the most recognized part of a business. An easily identifiable visual should remind people what your organization does and what you stand for. A study conducted by branding firm Siegel + Gale discovered that memorable logos are 13 percent more likely to get consumers’ attention and 7 percent more likely to make them want to learn more about the brand.

Much the way makeup can emphasize specific features of a human face, these business giveaway ideas will help you find ways to complement your logo and show your brand in the best light.

Colours that complement

Colour plays a major role in getting your brand noticed. A signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80 percent, which means choosing business giveaway ideas that match your brand’s colour can ensure your name is remembered. Or, you can find complementary colours and make your logo stand out. Finding custom logo items that come in a wide variety of colours can help you find your perfect fit. For example, T-shirts are an extremely popular giveaway that come in dozens of colours, allowing you to pick the perfect shade to complement or contrast your logo.

Products that fit

Come up with business giveaway ideas that remind people of what your business does. That will bring extra emphasis to your brand. For example, if you’re in the health care industry, a hot/cold pack is the kind of item people will keep on hand, and it will keep you top of mind when they are seeking comfort.

You can also make a long-lasting impression with your company’s mission. If your company is proud of its sustainability, a globe flyer will reiterate what is important to your business.

Sizes that work

Logos come in every shape, style and size, and finding custom logo items that that work with your design can help you maximize your space—and your impact!  If your logo includes a lot of detail, you may want to choose a larger item to imprint. So, instead of giving away a stress ball, hand out a beach ball. Or, if your logo is a specific shape—like a heart—reinforce the visual with your promo product and hand out a heart fidget spinner.

A helping hand for every logo

Remember to consider the colour, shape and size of your logo, as well as your brand message, when choosing promo products. Using these business giveaway ideas can help your logo make a bigger splash and ensure your name is remembered!