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| Updated: December 12, 2022

According to the Nielsen® Global Trust in Advertising Report, 83 percent of survey respondents trust recommendations from family and friends. That makes referrals the most trusted form of advertising.

When people trust you enough to recommend your services to others, it is the highest compliment. After all, you work hard to create positive experiences for your customers, and it’s nice to know your work is appreciated. Show how grateful you are for patient referrals with a branded thank-you gift.

Say thanks with a promotional thank-you gift

When you show patients you appreciate their support and recommendations, they’re more likely to keep referring others your way. Expressing gratitude with a branded thank-you gift also builds loyalty, sets you apart from the competition and reinforces the “human” side of your practice. Try one of all of these referral thank-you gift ideas to keep the recommendations coming:

Health and safety kits

Did you know 82 percent (PDF) of consumers can recall the name of the organization that gave them a health and safety item? First-aid kits are great promotional thank-you gifts. This custom first aid kit comes with all the essentials needed to fix minor injuries in one convenient zippered case. The Auto Safety Kit is complete with first aid supplies, a flashlight, jumper cables and an auto safety guide.

Fitness items

Giving a gift that fits with your business is key. Fitness items are an appropriate choice for physical and occupational therapy clinics, chiropractic offices, sports medicine facilities and more. Give patients something comfy to wear during their next visit, like this moisture-wicking T-shirt. Or thank patients with these aromatherapy packs—perfect for anyone suffering from aches and pains.


Fun fact—50 percent of people who own promotional drinkware use it at least two to three times per week (PDF)! That’s a lot of chances for your logo to be seen. Fruit infused water is trending right now making a fruit infuser sport bottle a great referral thank-you gift for general practitioners, nutritionists and more. The Pump N Chill Tumbler is another excellent choice. It’s perfect for promoting your brand while urging clients to stay healthy.

Bags and more

Eighty-five percent (PDF) of people will keep a promotional product if it is functional or useful. Bags are both, making them a great thank-you gift. Plus, the average bag generates 5,700 impressions (PDF) in its lifetime (that’s more than any other promotional product). Fill your bag with goodies relevant to your practice for an impressive thank-you gift. For example, a dental or orthodontic clinic could give this sportpack with a fun pen  inside and a clip attached to a thank-you note.

Remember, a referral is the best kind of compliment. Keep referrals coming your way by rewarding those who recommend your practice with a branded thank-you gift. We hope these ideas help you find the perfect way to express your gratitude.